7 Days to Blogging

7 days to blogging

Hi and Welcome to 7 Days to Blogging course!

Growing your business can be tough.  One way you can advertise your business is by having a blog on your website. If you don’t have a website yet, it is a good investment for your business.  Now, let’s talk about blogging.

There are two options for starting a blog. You can do this for free on WordPress or blogger. I’m going to share about starting a blog with your own domain name without a .wordpress or .blogger behind it. But all of this an be applied to starting a free blog also.

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The course will be kicking off on Monday, May 2, 2016.



What are you going to learn:

  • Day 1 – Pick a captivating domain name
  • Day 2 – Quality hosting
  • Day 3 – Design your site
  • Day 4 – Brainstorming ideas
  • Day 5 – Must have plugins
  • Day 6 – Writing
  • Day 7 – SEO optimization


  • Day 8 – Social Media Management


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