Today, I read an awesome blog
post, What We Have Here… Is A Failure To Communicate by The ImpatientCajun.  Being a Southwest Louisiana girl,
living in Japan, I understand the bad news part oh too well.

Southwest Louisiana Girl Living In Japan | via @LifeofCreed

I have not lived in Louisiana in over 10 
years.  I was born and rise in Louisiana, 
but I somehow missed out when the accents were handed out.  I do not have the beautiful, sometimes hard
 to understand Southwest Louisiana accents that my family and friends have.  Living in Japan, Cajun French is something of
 the past, as I learn Japanese words and phrases. 
But after reading The Impatient Cajun’s post this morning, I just wanted
 to say some words.  Boude pronounces
 (boo-day) being one of them.  I haven’t 
heard that in so long, maybe since I was a teen. 
Southwest Louisiana is a beautiful place, I will write a post on the
 area later on. Her post, made me think about the language, food, and people of
 Cajun Country, as it is sometimes referred to.

What exactly is a Cajun?

According to Wikipedia “Cajuns
(French: les 
Cadiens or les Acadiens) are an ethnic group mainly living 
in the U.S. state of Louisiana,
consisting of the descendants of Acadian
 exiles (French-speakers
 from Acadia in what are now the Maritimes). Today, the
 Cajuns make up a significant portion of south Louisiana’s population, and have
 exerted an enormous impact on the state’s culture.”

 food, the music, the language is what makes Southwest Louisiana a gem in 
Louisiana.  So many people only know of
 New Orleans and Mardi Gras, but check out Mardi Gras in Lafayette, you will be
 in for a treat.  I cannot forget about
 Sunday Mardi Gras parade in St. Martinville. 
One cannot forget about all the wonderful food there is to offer.  I cooked smothered pork chops last night; it
 seems not often we cook Cajun foods.  Oh, what I would give for a crawfish boil! Not to mention a taste of boudin or
 tasso for my gumbo! We are able to make cracklins, dirty rice, and gumbo here 
in Japan.  Since I moved from Louisiana,
my mom sends us a King Cake each year and even sends cracklins and other items 
like Jack Miller BBQ sauce.

TheImpatient Cajun gave me a walk down memory lane and made me want to go in search 
for catfish to have a fish fry.  May just
 have to go my local market York Mart and get fish and make a Cajun Asian fish fry.