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Jay CreedLife of Creed is about my adventures as a stay-at-home-mom and mom boss.  Come and follow along as I blog about family life, homeschooling, parenting, traveling, beauty, fashion, food, DIY, music & movie reviews, product reviews, and just having an amazing time enjoying life.

In February 2013, I started a blog Nippon Explorer because a few friends were looking for places to explore in Japan.  Since I enjoy exploring all that Japan has to offer, starting a blog was a great way to document my fun and share with family and friends the places I’ve been and things I have done. I have since moved the blog Nippon Explorer over to Life of Creed, to include more than just life in Japan.

My mission as Content Creator + Editor-in-Chief of Life of Creed is to share informational reviews, inspiration, and articles about a range of lifestyle topics, homeschooling, traveling, fashion, and more. 

A Little About Me

Jay of Life of Creed. Editor-in-Chief + Content Creator

I’m a tea drinker and introvert. I have one daughter, who is referred to as Charmingly CJ in blog posts; in older posts Toddler Girl. I moved back to the United States at the end of 2014, after living overseas in Japan for four years. I am a SAHM, work-from-home-mom, blogger, photographer, blog coach, mompreneur mentor, lifestyle consultant, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, freelance writer, model, Ordained Minister, and the list goes on.

I have been blogging now for a few years. But I am not a professional journalist by far, I’m just a mom sharing my adventures. My educational background is in the healthcare field.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, an Associate of Science in Pharmacy, a diploma in Medical Administration Specialist, and I am a Certified Stress Management Coach.

You can also find me over at my Blog Coaching + Mompreneur Consulting website, where I’m helping moms go from talking about launching a blog or business to taking the action to starting their mompreneur journey.

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