I have loved the clip in extensions for some time now. I have brought a few different sets, by different brands. However, I finally brought the Bellami Hair Extensions.  The one’s I got were the Kylie Hair Kouture in 1B (off black) and teal ombre.  I love that I can do something fun with my hair and than go back to my plain Jane hair style afterwards.


My natural hair is below the shoulders. I have two styles; in a ponytail or just wear it down.  But the past few years, my hair has become thin.  Besides being able to do some fun colors with my hair, I can also add clip in extensions for volume and also a little added length.  Most people don’t even notice when I have in off black clip ins, since I already have long hair. I used the clip in’s with more teal, so the teal really stands out.

Kylie Hair Kouture - What's in the box via @LifeofCreed

About the hair & what came in the box.

Kylie Hair Kouture - What's in the box via @LifeofCreed

The Kylie Hair Kouture is 20 inches, 180 gram, and has these wonderful InvisiWeft.  It’s seamless and lay flat on the scalp.  Making it much more user friendly, so someone who has thin hair.  The hair is a bit pricey at $249, but it worth the price.

Inside the box you get:

  • 2 – 4 clip InvisiWeft
  • 2 – 3 clip InvisiWeft
  • 2 – 2 clip InvisiWeft
  • 4 – 1 clip InvisiWeft
  • Kylie Hair Kouture by BELLAMI wet to dry hairbrush

That’s a total of 10 InvisiWeft clip ins.  I also received the pink hanger and storage bag for free (Bellami was giving them away as a free gift with a purchase over a certain amount).

**This is not a sponsored post.