Oh, my! I just posted a tweet, one of those Happy Monday, take the bull by the horns type of tweet. Well, just realize it’s Thursday.  Not sure if yesterday being a holiday, just threw off my days. Who knows…. Have you just had a feeling it would be one of those days. Yup, I have that feeling, it is going to feel like a Monday today.


I am up before the sun and have a list of things I need to do today. Not to mention, as anyone else notice how fast this year has flew by. Yes, it’s already November. It seems like my family and I just moved back to the States. But it has been almost a year since we moved back.

It will be our first Thanksgiving in the States in four years. I have always been fond of the holiday season, mainly for the Christmas music. I LOVE, LOVE Christmas music. It just cheers your soul. I have also started working on my holiday budget and gift-giving list. It is not to early too start your holiday shopping and it sure is easier on the wallet. Plus, you would be surprise at all the great sales you will find going on now.

Plus, I DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT shop on Black Friday. Never have and do not intend to, ever! I just can’t deal with the waiting, the lines, and all the people. Just too much for me. It is an anxiety attack waiting to happen.  I will do Cyber Monday, because with Ebates and Amazon it’s deals on top of deals.

Well, enough of my babbling on this Thursday, that’s a Monday. Happy Thursday!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Do you shop on Black Friday?

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