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Most everyone is back to school.  We started our 2014-2015 school year on June 30th, using Calvert Education for homeschooling.  I knew we would be taking a long winter break with our PCS (Permanent Change of Station) in December from Japan back to the United States, I wanted to get a jump start on things.

Homeschooling a Kindergartener - Calvert Education

We used Calvert Education last year for preschool, glad that we did. (You can find the post here.) It was an easy decision to use it again for kindergarten for our second year of our homeschooling journey. Calvert Education is still the best match for our homeschooling family. I enrolled toddler girl into the Kindergarten Calvert Classic with ATS (Advisory Teaching Service). For math we chose Calvert Math Kindergarten. You also have the option of using Singapore Math or no math program.  Also added on Discoveries in Music to start introducing music to toddler girl. Once enrolled you will receive your homeschool curriculum material by mail. We  patiently waiting for our school material to arrive.  Living in Japan, it took a long, long, time for it to reach us because it went through the military postal system.  But I will say, it was worth the wait.

Calvert Education kindergarten

We received TWO huge boxes!

Enrolling into the kindergarten homeschool curriculum was easy.  I again, did everything online at Calvert’s website.  Once enroll, you receive online log-in information, if this is your first time enrolling.  You will receive all of your curriculum for the school year by mail.  There are a number of online resources you will have access to as well; like Brain Pop Jr for example.

What is ATS? It is optional program. I chose it because I knew for me, it would be helpful. With ATS you also get a more personal experience with Calvert, as well as constructive and encouraging feedback for toddler girl from her Calvert Advisory Teacher. It is available to grades K- 8  Some of the reason’s I chose to add it on to our kindergarten curriculum include:

  • Evaluations on toddler girl’s work
  • Additional motivation
  • Online Grade Book
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Official Transcription is available upon request

What did we get in the mail? Two huge boxes came and we were all excited to open them and see what was inside.  It felt like Christmas.  It is so much, that I will just show you a few pictures of some of the things we got in the boxes.

Homeschooling a Kindergartener - Calvert Education

Discoveries in  Music material


Homeschooling a Kindergartener - Calvert Education

Calvert Math material

Homeschooling a Kindergartener - Calvert Education

More Calvert Math material

Homeschooling a Kindergartener - Calvert Education

Some of the kindergarten material.

Homeschooling a Kindergartener - Calvert Education

Calvert Reference Library I

Homeschooling a kindergartener calvert education

Additional material for reading

Homeschooling a kindergartener calvert education

Additional reading material

Toddler girl is learning at a good pace and the curriculum takes out the stress of have to make my own curriculum.  I’ll update about mid-way through on how we are moving along with our schooling. Make sure to check out my blog post on homeschooling with Calvert Education for preschool.

Find out more about Calvert Education using one of the methods listed below.

Calvert Education

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    • Life of Creed says:

      Honestly, I there was no particular reason why. I used Calvert for pre-k and there was some math. For kindergarten, I wanted to continue on with Calvert and also give their math curriculum a try. So far, there are no complaints about Calvert math. It is moving a good pace for my 4 year old and she is understanding what is put in front of her for the math.

      I have not tried Singapore math, so I can’t compare the two.

  1. Heidi Daily says:

    I’m glad I found your post, I am planning on home schooling my daughter next year, and have been really thinking about Calvert, and after seeing all you get here I am even more excited!

    • Life of Creed says:

      I am glad my post is able to help you. I used Calvert for Pre-K and my daughter loved it and knew we would continue using it for Kindergarten. Everything is laid our for you in black in white with the lesson manual. I like that I can review the lesson manual the night before, gather the material we will need to the day’s lesson and be ready to start our school day in the morning.

    • Life of Creed says:

      It is. So far, so good. We’ll see how things look when she’s in Jr High or High school. The only two options I am giving her is homeschooling or private school. And right now we both are enjoying homeschooling.

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