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I had the pleasure of being able to check out the kidecals products.  I was given a $30 coupon code to go online and order items I would like to try. I ordered two items. I ordered something for toddler girl and than something for myself.  I wanted to be able to show more than just being able to label an item; I wanted to show how I could personalize an item.


The two items I ordered were:

Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreed

Keycals & Princess labels

Crafty Cute Keycals (Small set) – The set includes 9 keyboard stickers in fun, colorful patterns. This set is $7.00.

Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreed

Crafty Cute Keycals

Princess (Everyday set) – This set includes 12 two-inch labels and 24 one-inch labels for a total of 36 labels. These labels are made of a waterproof laminate. It is dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer proof and you do not have to worry about it coming off. This set is $21.

Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreed

Princess – Everyday Set

Time to check out the product. I cleaned my keyboard to make sure there was no dust or oils from my fingers on the keys. Keycals went on easy. I stuck one on and then removed, then did it again, putting it on and removing it. It came up with easy and not sticky glue left behind. I think I will order a full keyboard set to really give my keyboard a fun look.

Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreed

Keycals – 9 key set. I only used five.

Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreed

How cute are these??

I put the name labels on toddler girl’s water bottle and also on a travel bag she has. The labels stuck well to both of the items. And they are cute and toddler girl is able to identify her things.

Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreed

Small Princess label


Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreedThere are a ton of cute name labels to choose from, keyboard stickers, and laptop skins. It is also budget friendly. There is something for everyone’s budget there. Make sure to also check out the Value Packs tab.

Kidescal Review | via @LifeofCreed

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 Kidecals Review - I had the pleasure of being able to check out the kidecals products.