Moving! PCSing halfway around the world with a toddler!

I just could not put the title for this post into words without it being a paragraph. We have been in full gear with getting ready to PCS back to the States from Japan in couple months.

Moving! PCSing halfway around the world with a toddler! Military Spouse Life.

As I have been preparing the house for the movers to come and pack everything to be shipped to the States, I have been going through things that can be given away, sold, or trashed. Along the way, we have been telling toddler girl about moving back to the States. She is very excited about it. She and I have picked some small toys that she can keep and bring on the plane with her. I even ordered a few special things for her, since she will be without majority of her things for TWO months!!

Like I said, she is excited, but the problem is she thinks we will go to States a couple weeks and then come back to Japan. In August we went back to the States on emergency leave for two weeks and then flew back to Japan. She thinks that is what we are going to do again. We moved to Japan a few months after she turned one. Japan is really all that she knows. This is home to her.

Today, she said I think “I want to leave this toy and that toy in my room for when we come back”. I sit her down and tell her that no, you don’t have to leave anything. You can take everything with you. A few special things on the plane, but the movers will pack everything for you and send it to the house for when you get there.

Today was our pre-inspection for pack out. The moving company came do a walk- through to see how much stuff we have to ship. And then in about two weeks, they will be back to pack and ship it all to the States. We are packing out somewhat early, because here in Japan we can get loaner furniture to use until we leave. The loaner furniture includes sofa, bed, dressers, etc. But once we are in the States, we would be without all our household goods if we waited to pack out near our actual date to leave Japan.

She seems to understand, that we are not coming back to live in Japan. At least, not any time soon. I also told her, that some of her friends that are here would also be moving to the same State we will be moving to. She was happy to hear that and ready to plan get-togethers with them. But today we worked in her room to put her clothes into those huge Ziploc vacuum bags. It became real to her that we will be moving. She actually had a little melt down. We put the work to the back burner for the rest of the day. It has been movies and playing games. Plus, we had a typhoon today, so what better way to spend the day inside!

We will keep working on making this move easy for her. But also letting her be involve in helping with the move.

Here is a look back at our first few days of arriving to Japan in 2010.

Moving! PCSing halfway around the world with a toddler

On the flight from Hawaii to Japan.

Moving! PCSing halfway around the world with a toddler

Arriving at Narita Airport in Tokyo

Moving! PCSing halfway around the world with a toddler

Driving around! Headlights on in the tunnel please.

Moving! PCSing halfway around the world with a toddler

Exploring Enoshima Island.

Moving! PCSing halfway around the world with a toddler

Exploring Enoshima Island.

Have you had to move with a toddler? Share your experience. 

What were things that help make the move easy?

What is the longest distance you have moved with or without a toddler?



  1. Lauren Tamm says:

    PCSing with kids half way around the world is no joke! Our travels were trecherous. Luckily Jameson was only one so we couldn’t really prepare him or help him understand what was about to happen. After the move though, we made a lot of sacrifices to offer him a predictable routine as soon as we arrived. We wanted to explore, but instead focused on helping him feel settled for the first few weeks. We also tried to keep his room as much the same as it was in the states. Same stuff set up the same way. It seemed to also help. Thanks for sharing! This will be great advice for us when we leave Japan!
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    • Life of Creed says:

      Lauren, coming to Japan was a lot easier. Toddler girl was one and like you we couldn’t prepare her. It was all fun and exploring for a her. But now, she has so many emotions and Japan really is all she knows. It’s home to her. Lately, we have not had a much of a routine, so I will be glad to get back to a steady routine for her.

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