No Steak Please!

Well, I am not a beef eater, but my husband and toddler girl are. With Father’s Day a little over a week away, I went in search of Ruth’s Chris Steak House Tokyo to take my husband to get a great piece of steak and a glass of wine. My friend, Ann, came along with me so that we could have lunch together. It was very easy to get to by train/subway. Ruth’s Chris is located in the Tokyo Club Building, only a few blocks from the Ginza Line Toranomo Station, Exit 5.

For lunch , Ann had Smoked Salmon (¥2,400).

Ruth's Christ Tokyo via @lifeofcreed

Smoked Salmon

I had Sizzlin’ Blue Crab Cakes (¥3,100)

Ruth's Christ Tokyo via @lifeofcreed

Crab Cakes (sorry for the blurry)

Both dishes were very tasty and warm bread with whipped butter was also served to our table. The website is in Japanese, with the menu having English. However, all the staff we spoke to spoke English.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Tokyo

Tel: 03-3501-0822


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