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It’s Christmas Eve; I’m listening to the smooth jazz tones of Steven Blane as I start my day. Music is a great way to start the day, especially when you have a chance to listen to some new music and discover a few new songs to add to your playlist. So grab your headphones and let’s listen to some jazz.

Steven Blane Artist Spotlight via @LifeofCreed

I’m listening the album Taboo by Steven Blane. Soon as it starts it is crystal clear. My first thought was about the microphones Steven Blane is using to record are amazing. Yes, the microphones! A bad microphone can make even the great singer sound bad. The mics that are used here are top notch. When you listen to the album, there is no echo or feedback; you are getting vocals, piano, trumpet, your favorite jazz instruments and all of them are clear.

Some of by favorites off the album are: I Go to Lourdes and In the Bar Angelique. The album as a whole is beautiful written and composed. If you love jazz, this is an album you must listen to. Heck, even if you don’t like jazz you should listen to smooth vocals of Steven Blane. Because if you don’t you will be missing out!

I Go to Lourdes is smooth, you have the trumpets in the back that gives takes you away your to favorite jazz club. Steven Blane’s vocals on this track are amazing. You can hear the heart and soul he is putting into this song. All the songs on the album.  In the Bar Angelique again gives you the sounds of trumpets that really give me the jazz feeling inside my soul. The vocals are beautiful, the lyrics take you to another world. You just have to close your eyes and you can get imagine the story playing out. It is storytelling at it’s best.

From the album Taboo, check out the song Pretty Lies video:

About Steven Blane

Steve Blane is a contemporary-retro singer and songwriter located in New York City. He sings and plays the piano, guitar and uke. He sounds like Elvis, Sinatra, Waits, or Bennett. Make sure to check out his website to see where he will be performing next, so that you catch a show.


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