Yesterday, my family and I wanted to have a sine Sunday Fun in Yokohama. We decided to spend the day near Landmark Tower.


Our day started with lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama and then walking over to BorneLund Kid-o-Kid for our toddler girl to play.  Hard Rock is located on the first floor of Queen’s Tower A; it is like any other one around the world, good food, and good atmosphere.  My husband and I each ordered an appetizer and a couple of drinks.  The kids menu I ordered a hot dog for the little one.  She loves hot dogs, so she was a happy camper.

Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama | Location: Queen’s Tower A1F | Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00a.m. – 11:00p.m. | Web:

Now, BorneLund Kid-o-Kid is a fun place for the kids to run and burn off some energy. We have been here a few times before, but yesterday was a special event. There was free admission and the staff was doing different shows throughout the day for the kids. We were there for the bubble show.  Kids love bubbles and all the kids were jumping with excitement to catch bubbles and to be able to use the different bubble blowers there to make bubbles of all sizes.  There is a bounce house, ball pit, sand pit, two bubble wheels that you can get in and roll, and a number of small stations for kids to learn and play.

BorneLund Kid-o-Kid | Hours: 10:30 – 19:00 | Address: Yokohama Minato Mirai, Nishi 4-6-5 Minato Mirai Leaf 3rd floor | Web:

Train Access: All of the above and below places are easily reach by train.  The nearest stations are: Tokyu Toyoko Line, Minato Mirai Line – Minato Mirai Station | JR Line, Negishi Line – Sakuragicho Station

Of course there are a number of other things to do and one could easily spend all day and evening in the area. A few things around Landmark Tower… One is Landmark Tower itself! There is shopping, eating, personal services, etc in Landmark Plaza and Queens Tower A and B.  There is also a Krispy Kreme! Not far from Landmark Tower are World Porter’s and Cosmo World.  I’ve visited the area many times, but I will make a special trip to these different spots to snap some pictures and come back to share in my blog.

Happy Exploring!