Tips on Making a Coupon Binder

I have been using coupons on and off for many years.  However, after the show Extreme Couponing on TLC aired, I have tried to get better at using coupons.  I mean, who doesn’t like saving money.  Now, I’m far from an extreme couponer.  I do not clear out shelves or have a stockpile of goods.  How do I keep track of all my coupons? My trusty, handy coupon binder. I’ll show you my coupon binder and give tips on how to make your own binder.

coupon binder

My coupon binder I made, is nothing fancy.  It is just a three-ring zipper binder.  Inside to hold my coupons I have three different size clear holders.  One is a page with 9 slots, I use baseball cardholder sleeve. I also use a 6 slot clear sleeve and lastly a 3 slot clear sleeve.  The 9 slots are great for the small size coupons.  The 6 slots are great for the long vertical size coupons, and for the large coupons or the one’s I have printed offline I use the 3 slots.

coupon binder

9 slots clear sleeve. Can be use for small size coupons

coupon binder, making a coupon binder

6 slots clear sleeve.


coupon binder, making a coupon binder

3 slots clear sleeve

I also have dividers, to label my coupons into different groups. For example frozen foods, health & beauty, cleaning supplies, medicine, etc.  This way I can go straight to the section I need and find coupons without having to look through every single coupon.

Coupon binder, dividers to make a coupon binder

Dividers to label my coupons into different groups

Being overseas, I by many items at the commissary on base.  What’s great is I can use EXPIRED coupons up to 6 months old.  And if you are a couponer overseas just double check with your area commissary to get their coupon policy.  At the Yokosuka Naval Base, you can use the expired coupons.  You can also use a store coupon and manufactures coupon together for an item. At least I was able to the last time I tried.


coupon binder

I use this front sleeve to insert the coupons I will use at checkout.



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