Toddler Girl is Turning Five! Last birthday celebration in Japan

Toddler girl will soon be five! My baby is growing up; she’s becoming a big girl. Becoming a big girl, she has a big personality to go along with it. I started planning a small birthday party, with a couple of friends. Just having lunch and some play time together. This will be her last birthday celebrate for her in Japan. Because a week later, is our pack out and that means all put a few toys will be packed, shipped, and heading to the States.


She has been lucky to celebrate two birthdays in Japan and one birthday in Guam. Her first birthday was celebrated in the States only a few months before we came to Japan. She is very excited for her 5th birthday. She has been helping to plan a Frozen party. I have pinned a ton of stuff on Pinterest for some ideas and went through most of them to write down the food, games, and decoration I may go with for the party. She wants an ice cream cake, so I will head over to Baskin Robbins’s near our home to get a cake. I haven’t been there to get a cake in a while, so I am hoping there are some new flavors to try.

Last year’s birthday, didn’t go as plan. We planned on going to Tokyo DisneySea and after arriving, we find out that if you do not have a ticket already purchase you would not be admitted. Bummer! Toddler girl is in tears; I’m almost in tears because she didn’t get to celebrate her birthday like planned. Lucky for us soon as we pulled out of the parking garage she fell asleep. She is asking to go to Disney for her birthday, so hopefully we can go before her birthday, if B’s work schedule permits. Keeping finger’s cross!!!

Here is a photo I took of toddler girl when she was 10 days old. It is true, time does fly by when you are having fun.

My photography work! :)

My photography work! 🙂


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