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Today’s Artist Spotlight is on multi-instrumentalist songwriter Vinnie Velez, hailing from the Hudson Valley. He has been creating music for quite some time and released his debt full length album “This is Forever” on iTunes April 1st.

Artist Spotlight Vinnie Velez

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know I have a love for piano. As soon as I hit play, I was loving it. The arrangement, beautiful.

My favorite song is Upon Waking. It’s a song that will get you moving; dancing, working out, whatever. For an instrument track, it just screams play me loud!

Check out my favorite song here:


About Vinnie Velez

Artist Spotlight Vinnie VelezVinnie Velez honed his skills in the seedy punk rock clubs of New York. A self described Treasure Hunter, Photography Nut and Fantasy Freak, Velez creates music as a way to dream aloud.

Be Soical


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