Menu Cover

Menu Cover

At Landmark Plaza in the Dockyard Gardens on floor B2 there is a bar and restaurant, that just recently open called World Beer Museum.  are about 200 beers; about 15 of those are draft beers. There are five bars inside, including a nice dining area.  Each bar has a theme German, Irish, etc. The servers are also dressed in German attire. I am not a beer drinker; however, my husband does enjoy beer and trying new beers.  This past Friday, this is where we went. We ate a few selections from the menu, to include pretzels, pickles, four cheese pizza sticks, and a German sausage plate.  All of which was very tasty! I decided to try one of the fruit flavor beers. I ordered a Mango beer, which was very good.  The first few pages of the menu have pictures and English, but the complete list of beers are in Japanese.  But when you walk into the bar, there are coolers with beers and a large beer display in the middle, so you can find a beer or even take your server there to show what you would like.  I look forward to going back again and trying some of the other fruit beers. There are also a number of other restaurants in the Dockyard Gardens.

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beer museum 02

Happy Exploring!

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