We all want our family vacation to go without a hitch. Something relaxed, meaningful, we want to have as much fun as possible, while still staying connected with our young ones and with our significant other. And what better place to do such a thing than to go to Sydney.

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a place that has everything – culture, clubs, beaches, good food, and even better people. Sydney also has safe, wholesome fun for the entire family. But, if you want to really enjoy your time there, three are some places which you simply must check out, that are close to Sydney and ideal for a day visit. Check out Thredbo, for example. A little alpine village that offers a range of activities, such as sunbathing, skiing or mountain biking

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Visit the harbour

Also called “the coat hanger”, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic aspects of Sydney (right after the opera house). Walking up and down this bridge can be one of the most breath-taking adventures once you reach the top of the bridge. Of course, keeping your family safe on the road is the most important thing you can do, so do keep in mind that this can be a physically strenuous walk. Furthermore, only children older than 8 years old can take part in this organized climb to the top.

Have fun at the botanical gardens

You can have a much gentler, more relaxing afternoon right there at the royal botanical garden. Picnics and walks await you here, along with a gorgeous view of the harbour. This one is perfect for any family that just likes to walk, explore, and that has something of a nature-loving hippy bent to them.

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Check out the quay and the Opera house

Check out the quay and the Opera house

Of course, what kind of a visit to Sydney would it be without checking out the Opera house and the Circular Quay. With cafes, museums, regular galleries, and shows, this area must not be missed. The Opera House itself offers a variety of fun shows, providing entertainment for the whole family. Anything from rock concerts, to kids shows, to, of course, opera. Trust us, this place has it all.

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Enjoy the zoo

An interesting thing you can try is actually seeing what your kids have to say about all this. Namely, why not include them in the planning process? Sure, if they are too little, suggestions such as “hunting dinosaurs” and “eating ice-cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner” might not be the best possible ideas. However, you can be pretty certain that they will love to go to the zoo. And we suggest Taronga zoo.

All you have to do is reach the Circular Quay, hop onto a ferry, and reach this wonderful place. Here you can find the Asiatic elephants, an animal that is difficult to find anywhere else. However, what really makes it stand out is the sky safari. You can take a ferry that brings you up and down the slope on which the zoo is set, giving you a nice view of the entire place.

Stay organized

Now, we don’t mean you should just stay prepared in the regular way. Everybody knows that you need to carry a first aid kit, lots of water, and emergency phone numbers with you. There are other contingencies you need to keep in mind with regard to things that happen quite often. Things like having a map point out where the nearest hospitals are. Then, what to do in case of car accident injuries when driving a rental. What can you bring into the country, what should you leave at home?

Furthermore, we suggest you always find a way to stay in contact with your family. You’ll notice that more and more phone companies are offering special phone plans that won’t make you go bankrupt when using a phone overseas. So when you’re on the road you can always call your kids or your spouse in case you get lost. Furthermore, you can always find a café with free Wi-Fi there. If your kids are little, and they get lost, instruct them to find a police officer and to get them online. This way, they can contact you through Viber or Whatsup.

Also, if you just need to stay connected in general, perhaps answering a work email or two when on vacation, we would like to remind you that many airports and terminals have free Wi-Fi. Higher quality buses and trains have these functions enabled as well, and of course, you can always enter an internet café and get your work done there.

And there you have it folks, some things to keep in mind when visiting Sydney with your family. Remember to keep your family safe and sound, but also to have as much fun as possible. Sure, staying organized is truly vital if you want things to go smoothly, but a little bit of chaos and a little bit of relaxation goes a wrong way. So, enjoy the Opera House and the Quay, have fun in all the museums and zoos, and bask in the beauty of the botanic

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Things you must do in Sydney while traveling with family

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