Jay Creed the founder of Life of Creed LLC

Welcome + How I Got Started

Welcome to Life of Creed! A lifestyle, travel, food, and culture blog where I share my adventures.

When I lived in Japan, I started a blog in February 2013 called Nippon Explorer. It was started to share with family and friends the story behind the photos I was sharing on Facebook. While living in Japan, I enjoyed exploring all that Japan had to offer, starting a blog was not only a great way to document my fun, but it became a way to share tips with people who were interested in Japan or traveling to Japan.

I’ve since moved the blog Nippon Explorer over to Life of Creed, to include more than just life in Japan. Come along and follow my adventures as I blog about family life, homeschooling, traveling, beauty, fashion, home improvement, product reviews, and more. If you have been here from the being, you remember my original tagline “Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom Living in Japan”, once I moved from Japan, it became “Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom”. Now (2022) I’m rebranding and combining my two blogs, so the new tagline is simply  “The Adventures of Jamie”. 


As the founder and content creator of Life of Creed, I want to share tips, inspiration, informational reviews, handgun safety, and a variety of lifestyle and travel articles.

Get to know me…

I’m a tea-drinking introvert. I have one daughter, who is referred to as Charmingly CJ in blog posts and in older posts Toddler Girl. I moved back to the United States at the end of 2014, after living abroad in Japan for four years. I am a SAHM, blogger, small business owner, photographer, mental health advocate, influencer, and the list goes on.

I was adopted as an infant and after having my daughter, I went on the journey to find my birth mother. I needed to know where I came from and who I looked like. I also started learning more about my Asian culture, as my birth mother is Thail. The journey was very successful – thanks to a first cousin match on Ancestry.com. I was able to meet my birth mother, my siblings, and interact via Facebook with other relatives from my birth father’s side of the family. The journey was long, it took about 7 years to find her once I started looking. I even when to Thailand as part of that journey since this is where my birth mother was born and raised. My dream vacation was to visit the land of my mother. I have a wonderful family that adopted me and had an amazing life.

As a child and teen, I always enjoyed journaling and writing in my journal daily. But I didn’t take the path of journalism when I went to college. My educational background is in the healthcare field. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, an Associate of Science in Pharmacy Technician, and a diploma in Medical Administration Specialist. I’m also a Hootsuit Certified Social Media Marketing and Certified Stress Management Coach.

Want to get in touch with me, you can here.

Every Now and Again…

I’ll post my adventures, unboxings, and reviews on my TikTok and YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed, head on over to my channel, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to know when I upload a new video.