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A Guide To Spending Christmas in New York
Christmas in New York is magical. When you want to get into the festive spirit, there’s nowhere better on earth than the city that never sleeps. However, New York can be extremely busy at this time of year so it’s essential to plan your trip in advance. The last thing...
Combating Body Issues: It’s OK To Feel Fragile Sometimes!
We all have more natural beauty than we think. The things we don’t like about our bodies tend to be things other people celebrate us for! And while it’s good to accept that, it’s also OK to feel fragile about the way you look sometimes.  We all have those days where...
Planning Your First Backpacking Break – A Beginner’s Guide To Adventure
Backpacking has emerged as a transcendent way for modern travelers to engage with the world around them. Essentially, backpacking presents a variety of advantages in a luxury, fast-paced tourism industry.  First of all, backpacking is a budget-friendly approach to...
8 Things That Can Ruin Any Trip (and How to Dodge Them!)
So, you’ve packed your bags, triple-checked your passport (just me?), and are humming “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. But wait! There are sneaky trip-traps lurking around that can turn your dream vacay into a bit of a nightmare. Here’s a rundown on some classic trip-ruiners...