The holiday season is in the air. I’ve already seen Christmas decoration up – which is not a problem, I’m ready to put my Christmas tree up. Christmas also means spending more money. Gifts, gifts, and a few lavish gifts too. I’ve already been checking out some gift ideas for myself at one of my favorite stores. But on to the blog post…

The holiday time can be stressful not only on you but also your wallet. But this year, a side hustle can help you make it a little easier to get all the gifts and not mess up your normal monthly budget. Here are 10 side hustles to earn some extra holiday cash.

10 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Holiday Income

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great online marketplace for freelancers. I’ve used it as both a buyer and seller. Take a skill you already have and earn holiday income from it. If you have some skills in graphic design, blog writing, social media marketing, this could be a great way to earn some income and earn it from the comfort of your home. Best part no commute!

2. Tutor

You can tutor elementary or high school students to earn holiday income. If you know are amazing in science or a math wiz consider sharing your skills with students. You can set your own prices and if you tutor in advance subjects such as advanced-placement calculus or advanced-placement physics, you can charge a higher rate.

3. Blog

I cannot go without mentioning this one. So, it may not be one that you earn income with on day one or the get rich quick type of side hustle, it can become a good source of income if you treat it like a job (or part-time job) and put in the effort.  Bonus: You are your own boss and set your own hours.

Not sure where to start? I’ve created a Beginners Guide to Launching a Blog. This guide will give you step by step on how to launch your blog and have you publishing your first blog post in no time.

4. Cash Back Apps

This is not so much a side hustle, but you can earn a few extra dollars (or gift cards) that can help with holiday cash for stocking stuffers. I have four apps, I use weekly that I earn cash back on.  Ebates, Ibotta, Shopkick, and Fetch Rewards. I used Ibotta every single time I shop. The last time I cashed out, it covered the cost of having BBQ deliver by Bite Squad. I have the Chrome extension on my computer for Ebates so that when I’m online shopping, I get a notification that I can get some cash back. I’ve cashed out on both of these. I always opt to get my cash back via PayPal, but there is the option to get gift cards.

I used Shopkick years ago and recently started using it again. I’ve cashed out with Shopkick and got a gift card to Target. I’m new to using Fetch Rewards, but it has been easy to collect points by uploading your receipts. Yes, you use the same receipt you used for Ibotta to earn points with the Fetch Rewards. You can earn 2,00 Fetch Points ($2.00 in points) using my referral code PF1VB when you sign up. Since I’m still new I haven’t cashed out yet, but in another month I’ll be cash out for a gift card.

5. Sell Your Stuff

Now, there are so many ways you can sell your old stuff. There’s an app for that! A yard sale is not your only option for getting rid of old, unwanted items. Of course, you could still have a good old fashion yard sale and get rid of summer clothes the kids won’t fit next summer. You can go through your fall and winter clothes, toys, or old decoration you don’t use and have a yard sale.

You can use apps like Poshmark, ThredUp, Tradesy, Letgo, etc. to sell handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. You can also use eBay – I’ve used them in the past to sell a couple handbags.

Yard sale - 10 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Holiday Income

6. Virtual Assistant

This is great if you are stay-at-home mom and want to help bring in some holiday income. The VA industry is thriving! I’ve worked as an independent contractor for a Virtual Assistant Company as a full-time VA, getting a steady paycheck. I didn’t have to work, nights, weekends, or major holidays.  As a VA you can schedule appointments, do data entry, social media, write blog posts, create newsletters, etc. You can also get tasks from Fiverr or Upwork to start as a freelance VA.

7. Write for websites

Another way to earn holiday income is writing for websites. Many sites will pay for you to write an article for their site. You have to search some, but they are out there. It’s a side hustle that you could turn into a part-time or full-time gig.

8. Upwork

This one is similar to Fiverr, but you will be able to find short-term and long-term jobs. You could find a job that lasts a month and really earn a good bit of holiday income or you can find some that last a day or two. If a client really likes your work, they may always come back to you, to do work for them.

9. Social Media Management

You can get on sites like Upwork and apply for jobs and be able to get work.  There are many companies (big and small) that are looking for social media managers to handle their social media. You can pitch to small business locally, to help them grow their social media.

As a social media manager, you would be creating posts and scheduling them, engaging with your client’s audience on social media. This is also a side hustle that you can do even on vacation. Check out Upwork for jobs.

10. Etsy Seller

If you are a crafter and can you make amazing crafts, homemade candles or soaps, etc.. Turn that into your side hustle to earn holiday income.

Homemade soap - 10 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Holiday Income

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