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Today on the Artist Spotlight I’m listening to Hro Palyan’s latest album 2 Faced. Hro Palyan is a new kid on the block of hip hop artist that you want to keep your eye on because he’s making waves. He’s rapping his truth, his feelings on his debut album.

Hro Palyan is an up and coming Armenian – American Hip Hop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His debut album 2 Faced is a must listen to.

Jumping right into it. The album starts off with “Opinions” it definitely sets the tone of what you will get on the 2 Faced. It was my first time listening to his music and it was impressive. He keeps on giving lyrics that are relatable in “Fake Friends”. With a chorus like “Who needs enemies when I’m surrounded by all my fake friends. My fake friends. Look at me I’m such a lucky guy, I got fake friends. So many fake friends.” you will be singing along to this song. It’s catchy and many people can relate to fake friends, especially on social media.

As the album keeps playing, each song is a different vibe. Which is good, Hro Palyan is not giving the same sound or telling the same story in each of the songs on 2 Faced.  Each one is unique with a completely different story to tell. When you listen to “Miss Los Angeles” you hear that.

If you need that inspirational song, that motivational song, well “Come N Get It” is that song. It’s the one that will get you pumped to get work done, to get in the gym, etc. It’s like an anthem – If you want something in life, you have to work for it. You have to come and get it, it’s not going to just fall in your lap. You’ll have “Come N Get It” on repeat.

“Enter Anchro” is that interlude of the album. It’s also the track where you get the funny side of Hro’s personality. Listening to “Don’t Know What It Is” I get the Eminem rap delivery style. I’m not saying Hro sounds like Eminem, the way he spits his lyrics is a little bit similar to that of Eminem.

Dope, fire, hot, these words don’t give a good one-word expression of how great this “Talk About Me” is. He is a virtuoso when it comes to the lyrics he writes. “2 Faced” this is the track that I feel really showcase Hro Palyan. There are no hints of other artist styles in it. It’s a dope song, with a great beat. A beat that’s made to just delivery lyrics and the listen not get distracted from the beat. You can watch the video below to “2 Faced”.

“White China” will have you dancing. It’s one of those songs that the beat just gets your blood flowing and you have dancing, tapping your foot, or bobbing your head. The lyrics are on point as well, with a catchy chorus that you want to sing along with. Coming with a banging beat is “Above It All”. Lyrics are good too. Not my favorite, but this a good song.

“Sick Freaks” and “I’m All In” are the two songs that close out the album. This is a fire album! Each song is different from the one before, so you not getting a bunch of songs that sound alike. There are a few songs that I’ll have to add to my playlist.

What are my favorite songs from the album??  “Come N Get It” and “Talk About Me” 

Watch the Video for “2 Faced”

About Hro Palyan

Hro Palyan is an up and coming Armenian – American Hip Hop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His debut album 2 Faced is a must listen to.Hro Palyan is an up and coming Armenian – American Hip Hop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His journey into a musical career started in childhood when he learned how to play the piano and electric guitar. Hro’s older brother was influential in introducing him to the world of rap and hip hop and to fellow artists who encouraged him to learn about music production tools like Fruity-loops, Reason, and Pro Tools. These skills became a coping mechanism that allowed Hro to express himself and deal with issues in his life.

He counts the work of Dre, Eminem, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Naz, Jay-Z, and DMX as influences on his sound. His previous two singles “Sick Freaks” and “White China”, both featuring “The Palyans”, were well received by his fan base.


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