It is 3 years since the 9.0 earthquake hit Japan, causing a tsunami.  I remember that day so well.  It was afternoon and took a walk to the local market near my house to buy strawberries. Japanese strawberries are so much sweeter, than those in the United States.  Toddler girl and I walked the few blocks to the store and came home. Once we were home, B called said he was heading home from work but wanted to go to the market. I told him, we just came home and would be ready to leave soon as he got home and changed clothes. Well, before he could even get out of his uniform the earth begin to violently shake.  Not mind you, there had been smaller earthquakes all week and even earlier in the day.  So for me, I picked toddler girl who at the time was only one year old, up off the floor so she would not feel the quake under her feet. I was singing and dancing with her.  B was hugging the television, to make sure it would not fall. I laughed because I thought he was just too funny.

After it stop I posted on Facebook, EARTHQUAKE! Not because it was so bad, I did not know how strong a quake it was and that a tsunami was taking place.  But then a friend posted Are you guys ok, just saw on the news about the earthquake.  Power is out, so I use the phone to get on the Internet and there I saw how bad it really was.  We were without power until late in the evening.  It all seems so unreal. We live near Tokyo, so we only were effected by power outage, blackouts the following weeks, etc.

Remember that store I walked to before the earthquake happen? I have NOT in the past 3 years walk back to that store or have been inside of the store.  That was my last time there.  Call me crazy, but I do not want to take any chances by going to that store.  That is my what I was doing when the great earthquake hit Japan in 2011.