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One question I get asked fairly often is, “How to start a blog? I need to make money fast.” One, blogging is not a get rich quick, make money the moment you publish your first post. Now, that doesn’t mean you cannot make money with a blog, because trust me you can. But it doesn’t happen overnight and it does take time. You have to have a blueprint how your blog will be a money making business.

I’m sharing how I make money here on Life of Creed. Keep in mind, two bloggers may not make money the same. What works for one, may not work for the next. Affiliate links, ads, sponsored post, selling online courses you have created, or selling your own products (teeshirt, coffee mugs, or etc.) these are just the ones that I do or have done in the past.

For Life of Creed, the blogging income comes from sponsored posts, but I also earn through my affiliate links and sidebar ads. I’m in the process of re-creating my own products to add another income stream to Life of Creed. Let’s jump into the ways you can earn income with your blog.

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is one that a brand pays you or provide you will free products to review. As a new blogger you may get more free products as you’re building your audience versus paid, but with patience, you’ll get the paid post. You will notice on your favorite blogs terms like “I’ve partnered with” or “This post is sponsored” or #ad on social media. So your sponsored post could be a blog post or a social media post.


You can offer your service as a blogger to write for other websites, besides your blog. You can also use sites like Upwork and Fiverr to get clients. In the past, I have used Upwork to hire, but have not used it for writing/blogging jobs. Fiverr, however, I have used as a seller and have been able to get tons of blog post gigs. I even have a gig where I will publish guest articles as well. Fiverr has been a great way to earn some extra cash.

How does Fiverr work? Someone can hire you to do a gig. Most gigs are $5 – hents the name Fiverr. When I first started using Fiverr years ago, I started at the $5 price point. But now, I charge a higher rate for the gigs I have listed. So don’t let the $5 price point scare you off, because you’ll see gigs are prices anywhere from $5 to $995. There is a lot of opportunity to earn part-time and even full-time income with Fiverr.

Fiverr is free to sign up for as a seller. Sign up is super simple. You just create a profile, then create your gig. Payment can be sent to you via PayPal. You keep 80% of each transaction (yes, Fiverr does take a small cut).

Affiliate Links

This can be a slow start, but once you find your groove and what works for you sharing your affiliate links and making income from them. I have two favorites, Shareasale and Amazon Associates. I use them either in my sidebar or in my blog posts. Of course, I like to use Google Ads as well.

Amazon Associates – This one is easy to incorporate into tons of blog posts. When I mention a product I like or use, I can also link to it on Amazon. Because who doesn’t love some Amazon. You can also share about Prime and get a lead commission for people signing up. As you know there are millions of products on Amazon, so the sky is the limit for what you can use your affiliate link to.

I am also part of the Amazon Influencer Program, so I have a  storefront where I can share the equipment I use for my blog, books, or other items all in one place. Plus I get a vanity URL,

Shareasale When I first started blogging and decided I was ready to monetize my blog, Shareasale was the first platform I used. Shareasale is an affiliate marketing network. You start by signing up (it’s free) for an affiliate account. Then you apply to become an affiliate for different companies. Many of the companies are ones that you use already in your personal life and also in your business. So incorporating affiliate links from those companies will be easy – because it’s products or services you already use.

Some of the companies I’m an affiliate of are TailwindPicMonkey, Dollar Tree, Reebok, and a few others.

Bluehost This a great web hosting company, especially for the new blogger. It’s very affordable, especially if your blog is not making any money yet.


Selling Your Own Products

Last year, I tried my hand at creating my own products. But since I had taken a break from blogging and was working as an Online Business Manager, the traffic to my blog was extremely low, so I didn’t make many sells. But this year I have been in full swing with my blog and will be bringing merch to the blog next year. Be on the lookout for the launch of my blog merch.

If you consider this option, you have to do your research to find the right match for how you want to sell your products. I used Shopify when I first did an online store. But will go 96% likely go a different route next time around.



This is easy for the beginner blogger and also great for the seasoned blogger. I use them in my sidebar and will add them within the text of a blog post.

Google Ads – I have to mention this one. I use it in my sidebar and in my Google ads settings, it set to automatically place the ads within the body of my blog posts. So, I don’t even have to think about adding them.

Amazon Native Ads – I have one in my sidebar and just recently started adding a grid layout native ad to blog posts. You can get these ads when you sign up as an Amazon Associate.


Do you monetize your blog? Do you have a favorite way to monetize your blog? Let me know in the comments.

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5 Ways to Make money with Your Blog

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