Decorating your apartment and buying furniture that is just right for that specific place is stressful enough by itself, let alone if you have to squeeze in everything in one small space. But do not feel discouraged by the size of your studio, since the demand for smaller homes is on the rise with the growing trend of sustainable living. Even though staging your small apartment or studio can be tricky, with these few tips it is going to be rather an easy and enjoyable task.

Shelf for small space - 6 Creative Tips to Make a Small Home Multifunctional

1. Turn Your Furniture Into Storage

When you have to work with limited space, the last thing you want to use your free space for are loads of cabinets and visible storage furniture. A small trick to this one is making all of your furniture a storage piece when needed. Drawers in your bed, ottomans that can be used as storage as well for sitting (and as a coffee table) and under window storage benches are most certainly your best friends. That way prospect buyers will not be worried about storing their things and they will be pleasantly surprised with such a smart move.

2. Furniture That Disappears

Wall, foldable beds are not a new thing, so make sure to take all the advantage of it. Folding away your bed or dinner table transforms your home from a bedroom into a living room to a dining area, in just seconds. And since you have one space to fulfill all the needs, an easy transformation is a key. Also, when you are buying furniture, make sure that it is easily movable, possibly on small wheels.

This tip is not disappearing furniture, but a great spacer saver as well. Having an ultra-slim design electric radiator that is mounted on the wall can give a few inches or even a couple feet more of floor space. 

3. Divide Your Room

If transforming your place is not an option, or you would just like to have a create a private area, room dividers are a way to go. There are many options out there, you can choose from curtains, screenflex partitions or built-in sliding doors, with the last one being more permanent. We would highly suggest using the first two options because you never know what are exact needs and wishes of your prospective buyers, and using curtains or other types of portable dividers leaves them a space for deciding for themselves or changing it when needed.

4. Make The Most Out of Your High Ceiling

If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling in your studio, make sure to use it to the max! Investing a little bit more money could leave you with more square footage by creating a loft bed or a loft space that could be used as working space or just as a cozy nook. Also, if that is not an option, you can still take advantage of having a high ceiling. While having that extra space up there will not help you with creating more room for sitting, it will most certainly make your home extra spacious if you decorate it correctly. Making a vertical art gallery out of one corner or part of the wall will create a focal point for your room and will give the sense of having more space than you actually do.

5. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If you trouble with not having enough light, or windows, using mirrors is a great way to create more depth in your small space and to reflect the natural light. If possible, the best would be placing mirrors right across the window, so that way not only the natural light is reflected but also the window view, which creates an illusion of having one more window.

Stand up mirror, 6 Creative Tips to Make a Small Home Multifunctional

6. Green Up!

Another very easy way of creating depth in your studio is by using plants. By creating more depth, lush greenery will fool an eye into thinking there is more space than there actually is.  Best positions for pots are beside or right behind sofas or chairs, or in the corners. It will also make your home more welcoming and organic, which will easily attract interested buyers. It is all about green and organic nowadays (which is far from a bad thing!).

With these few tricks in the sleeve, staging your home for sale should not a be that hard. It is important to work with what you have, and combining practicality with urban trends is very important. Your future buyers will not be satisfied with only the lovely design if they feel like it will not serve their needs. But investing your time into creative ideas for storage as well as aesthetics, you will certainly make your home a cozy nook everyone would like to live in.

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