Last year toddler girl and I went on a guided tour of the 7 Lucky Gods. Visiting seven shrines and temples; this is something the Japanese do from January 7-31. You can also get a board and have it stamped at each location. It is a great piece to display and to have as a token from our time in Japan.

It was very cold the day of the tour and toddler girl walked most of the tour, which was about 6 miles long. It was fun and since it snowed earlier in the week, it was nice to see Kamakura, Japan covered in snow. Well what was left of it. There is also a stamp book, that one takes to any shrine or temple visit and have it stamped. I think I will be doing that and starting a stamp book. Which is another great way to document our time and travels around Japan.

Here is a list of all the places we went to with the name of the 7 Lucky Gods:

  • Benten (Benzaiten) – Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine – goddess of knowledge, art, and beauty, especially music
  • Bishamon – Hokaiji Temple – god of warriors
  • Jurojin – Myoryuji Temple – god of longevity
  • Ebisu – Hongakuji Temple – go of fishers or merchants, often depicted carrying a seam bream
  • Daikoku – Hasedara Temple – god of wealth, commerce, and trade
  • Fukurokuju – Goryo Jinja Shrine – god of happiness, wealth, and longevity
  • Hotei – Jochi-ji Temple – the fat and happy god of abundance and good health