It has been a pretty busy few day and have been behind on getting the post up on Kamakura.  Last week, friends were in Japan visiting. They wanted to get in some sightseeing.  We spent the day enjoying beautiful Kamakaura.  Our first stop was to Hasedera Temple.  Hasedera Temple is dedicated to the eleven-headed goddess Kannon.  It also has the third oldest bell in Kamakura.  There is also a cave there; Benten-kutsu Cave.  There is also a seating area for looking out to the beach, including vending machines if you want to take a break to relax or have lunch.  You can also eat at the onsite restaurant, Kaikoan.
The next stop was to Daibutsu, the Great Buddha.  The Great Buddha is a bronze statue measuring 11.4 meters high and is also the 2nd largest in Japan.  The statue is hollow and for about 20 yen you can enter inside.
Third stop was walking down Komachi-Dori Street.  This is the main shopping street and lined with many traditional and modern shops.  You can also find something to snack or meal along this street.  There are many shops that have awesome souvenirs.
Last stop was Tsurugakoka-Hachinangu Shine.  It is one of the most famous shrines in Kamakura.  When it was founded in 1063 by Genji family of the Kamakura Shogunate, it became the center of politics and culture.