You can place bring a focal point to your garden by introducing a bubbling fountain to the area. Of course, there are all types of fountains available and choosing the one that suits your preferences can be difficult. This article will provide information on the fountain types ranging from the sophisticated Romanesque to the sickly sweet.

1. The Frog Fountain

Fountains are not only available in different sizes and shapes, but also in different materials ranging from ceramic and resin to cement. Outdoor Fountain Pros have fountains in all shapes and sizes. You can also opt for floor, wall, and pedestal fountains based on the materials used.

2. The Wall Fountain

In addition to the frog fountain is the tabletop wall fountain that can be installed on a deck, porch or outdoor room. If you are handy with a tool, then you can install the fountain yourself or make fountains from pots; however, there are several wall fountains available to purchase. If you are interested in the DIY approach, then you can follow the guidelines on our community to learn how to do this.

How to Choose Which Fountain is Best for Your Needs

Below are some top tips on how to choose the water feature that is most suitable for your particular space.

1. The Power Source

The first tip is to consider the power source needed for the fountain. Will you opt for electric power or solar energy?

2. The Area 

Next, you need to consider how close the area is to the chosen power source. If you are opting for solar energy, then it is recommended that you select a space that receives a minimum of five or more hours of sunlight daily. Shady spaces can be ideal, but may not be the best option when using solar panels.

3. Attracting Animals

Are you hoping to attract birds to the fountain? If this is your plan, it is recommended that you place the fountain in a high area using a pedestal or a wall so that the birds can reach the water without being disturbed by dogs or cats.

4. Setting Up Patio Furniture

It is recommended that you set up Outdoor Fountain Pros near the fountain allowing you to enjoy the sounds and sights of the fountain.

5. Consider Water Evaporation

Now that you received the fountain of your dreams, it is important to maintain the item. Consider that water evaporation occurs so you must not forget to add water regularly and keep it free of debris ensuring that everything functions correctly.


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