My anxiety is specific to me. Your anxiety is specific to you. Anxiety does not look the same for everyone. However, it does look similar.

We may get anxious about the same things, but our reactions will not be the same. I may have shortness of breath, you may shake, and that may even cause us both to have a panic attack.


Anxiety is a boss! She likes to take control; often. She likes to get you overthinking about every, single thing possible. Sometimes, her friend panic attack likes to join in on the fun.Anxiety is a boss! She likes to take control; often. She likes to get you overthinking about every, single thing possible. Sometimes, her friend panic attack likes to join in on the fun. Anxiety and panic attack are great at creating chaos within. The chaos is like a storm brewing within.

Here’s a glimpse at how the chaos within from anxiety looks for me:


Not Going to Leave the House

chaos within anxietyWhen anxiety and panic attack show up for the party, I can get a serious case of don’t want to do a damn thing.

It’s not because I am anti-social or stuck-up (it just appears that way), it’s just when those two come around, I just want to stay wrapped in my favorite blanket and watch my favorite shows that I have on DRV.

Orange Cones and Yellow Caution Tape Chaos

chaos within anxietyHello, anxiety! Sure go ahead and let’s overthink about every single thing. Let’s think of the what if this happens. Now, let’s be extra cautious of every thing we do, think, or say.

Because what if something happens while going to the mailbox… a dog that may be running free and can attack…a driver texting, eyes not on the road… stranger danger… there is an endless list of what-ifs that could happen.


Rewind, Replay, Rewind, Replay… Over and Over

chaos within anxietyThis can go hand-in-hand with the orange cones and yellow caution tape.

Replaying the worse case scenario. Overthinking and analyzing each and every scenario for anything and everything. I know if I’ve done it once, I’ve done it a million times I will think of the worse that could happen in a situation.

A simple and quick trip to the store can be analyzed for every possible thing that could happen. Oh, it’s going to rain today and I need to go to the store pick up a few things. Well… traffic, rain, driver’s texting, driver’s speeding… BAM! Hello, traffic accident. It’s a recipe for disaster


Night Light 24/7

chaos within anxietyYes, anxiety can bring on panic. Panic can bring on fear. Wrap that with a ton of phobias, guess what? Panic times a million in seconds.

Every sound can become a problem. What is the sound? Where did it come from? Why? Is someone outside? Should I look through the peephole? Mute the tv, don’t make a sound. All the doors are locked, blinds are closed. Escape plan in place. Defend the home plan in place.

Anxiety can turn the wind blowing outside into the boogie-man trying to get through the door. BOO! Hello, panic attack! 

Give Me Space

chaos within anxietySometimes, being around too many people can just be overwhelming. Crowds, outings, get-togethers all are very draining. Add being an introvert on top of having anxiety and I need a vacation just from going to a birthday party.

No, you don’t smell funny. It’s not you, it’s me. Being with my inner circle is easy and my inner circle knows my triggers and how to handle a panic attack when it shows up with anxiety to the party to cause chaos within.

Does anxiety cause chaos within? Share in the comments below.