Are you achieving your goal? You started the New Year with a list of goals, but has the list become a distant memory? Or maybe you haven’t written down any goals, head over to this blog post for a little inspiration on goals.


Motivational Monday Are you achieving your goal- (3)My goal has been to continue to grow as a #GirlBoss and #mompreneur. I LOVE the freedom of not commuting each day to work. I do not like driving. So, I get to walk right into my home office and work. And the best part, I can wear yoga pants, pajama pants, whatever I want. Last year I grew Life of Creed by becoming a contractor for a company, by help other entrepreneurs grow their business by assisting with their websites, blog writing, launching webinars & new products, and social media management. My goal has been to grow Life of Creed and it is growing.

Now, let’s talk about your goals. What have you been doing to achieve them? If you have not set any goals, download the FREE Goals Worksheet and start working writing your goals down. Keep your check list where you can see it daily. Because out of sight, out of mind. The first step, is having a few goals; short term and long term goals to work on achieving.

What can you do to achieve your goals? Here are 4 tips to guide you on the path of checking a goal off your list.

Tip 1

You have to see the goal. Like I mention above, keep your list where you can see it. Make a vision board of the goal, clip pictures out of magazines, but your goal in your face so that you can see it and work on attaining it. It could be a goal of saving for a vacation. Put pictures of the place you want to vacation where you can see them daily. Maybe it’s finishing your degree, whatever the goal is you need to have a reminder to keep you pushing towards the finish line.

Tip 2

Share your goal. Tell your spouse or your best friend or your life coach. These are people that will help to keep you on track and make you accountable for achieving your goal. You can be your own cheerleader, but it’s also nice to have a couple of cheerleaders on the sideline also cheering you on and keeping you motivated.

Tip 3

Set a timeline of achieving your goal. You don’t have to achieve your goals all in one week. Set a timeline of when you want to achieve each goal. Maybe you want to get fit before summer, set the deadline to be May or June. If you have a goal of starting a new job, set your deadline to achieve a new job in 30 days or 60 days. Make sure to put it in your calendar.

Tip 4

Commit to the goal. You are the only person who can achieve the goal for you. Maybe your goal is become fit, sure you can team up a buddy. But you both have to commit to the goal. If only one person commits to the goal, well only person achieved the goal. So set your goal, commit to the goal.


Before you go to sleep tonight, Set Goals! When you wake in the morning Go After Your Dreams! Final outcome is to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams.


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