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Lately on Facebook, I have seen a number of “shares” or “likes” for FB pages
of people in search of their birth parents or someone in their biological
family.  They mention finding a
birthparent or sibling, etc. within a few days.
But how do you find someone you have no information on?

Let me backtrack… I wonderful family adopted me as a baby.  I have remembered being adopted as long as I
can since I was a young child.  I grew up with great adopted parents and siblings. A handful of my friends know this and I am not sure how many family members know I was adopted. It is not something that is talked about. But since
toddler girl has been born, I have been searching slowing to find my
birthparents, siblings, or other biological family member.  It is a hard, slow search! I was adopted in
Louisiana, USA, and it was a closed adoption. So there are no names to use when
I search.  I have some information, but
nothings that could say, “You are my mother”.
The many people who have taken to Facebook in search of their long, lost
family and have been very successful. I on the other hand, will take to my blog
as my jumping off point.  Please share
this post.

My name at birth: Christina

Date of Birth: December 10

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Information I have on birthparents:


  • Born and raise in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 32 years old at time of my birth
  • Children at the time of my birth – 12-year-old daughter – stayed
    in Bangkok with grandmother, 6-year-old son, and 3-year-old daughter



  • Little information about him.
  • Extended family is described as having black
    hair, brown eyes, and dark skin color.


Are you my mother? Hard to answer! But I hope my search will
at least link me to my siblings or other relative.  I have also used DNA test to
help link me with possible cousins.  But
without a name, even a first name I have run into roadblock.  The Ethnicity Estimate from
gives me Africa 48%, Asia 44%, Pacific Islander 6%, and Europe 1%.

I will continue to update on my progress.