Buying your own home is the dream of many, and maybe you’re feeling like you’re finally ready to do so. You’ve got the home all picked out already, and you’re thinking about packing your things up in boxes right now so you can move in as quickly as possible…

But, before you let your daydreams run away with you, it’s key to sit back and reassess the situation. Can you really afford to buy your own home, especially right now? Or would it be better to wait for a better moment? Maybe you haven’t even looked at your finances properly, and you’re nowhere near being able to put a down payment on a property? Let’s go through these points in more detail below.

Can You Afford a Large Down Payment?

The down payment is a big part of the home buying process. After all, the bigger the down payment, the easier it’s going to be to pay off the mortgage and to avoid having to fork out for insurance as well. 

When a down payment is less than 20% of the house, in most places, private mortgage insurance will kick in to ensure the house can be paid for, and if not, the lender won’t lose out on any money. 

And that puts you in the firing line – not only does PMI cost more money, which varies from lender to lender, but it could mean you’ll lose your house if you ever default. So it’s best to put down 20% or more for the home initially, and it’s important to be able to afford this. 

Be Sure to Use a Calculator


Did you know mortgage calculators exist out there? And using one will put you in a much better mindset about your mortgage! So be sure to check out websites that are easy to use, such as When you can punch all the numbers in at once, and get a good estimate over the cost of your mortgage, mainly what you’ll need to borrow, and how much you’ll have to pay off every month, approaching a house sale price is a lot easier to cope with. 

Always Take a Look at the Market!

And finally, it’s important to keep an eye on the market. Just like how it can be a bad time to sell, it can also be a bad time to buy. Of course, every housing market out there is different, but in general, between July and August is usually a good time to catch a deal, as well as just after Christmas if you’ve saved up. In truth, sometimes it’s just cheaper to renovate your own home, rather than look at somewhere else to live! So if it’s early spring and you’re desperate to move into a new home, apply the brakes! 

Being ready to buy your own home takes a lot. Make sure you take points like these into account before you agree on a sale price in the future. 

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