Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Katiah One. His latest EP Fight the Good Fight is oozing with goodness. You can hear Katiah One’s New York roots throughout the tracks.

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Katiah One

“We Livin’ the Dream (Nightmare)” starts the EP off and I could Katiah One came to show out. I knew song after song would be banging. “Yo Ho Ho” reminds me of OutKast’s “Elevators”, but in a good way. It has a 90’s hip hop vibe and in my opinion when hip hop was great. 

I like that Katiah One is not a cookie cutter artist, he knows what’s good and draws inspiration from that. You will not get some mumble rap with him. You will get real, raw hip hop and will not be disappointed with the sounds that come out of your speakers when listening to Fight the Good Fight

My favorite song on the Fight the Good Fight EP is “Yo Ho Ho”. You can listen to Fight the Good Fight below. Let me know in the comments what your favorite song is from the EP.

Listen to Fight the Good Fight

About Katiah One

Katiah One is an artist raised on the Upper West Side of New York City. Releasing his first EP A Whole Lotta Water Works later this year, Katiah wants to share his new sound with his audience. Katiah is on a mission of changing the common perception of the average rapper and draws inspiration from many genres including R&B and Rock.
He draws inspiration from artists including Freddy Mercury, Sam Cooke, and Issac Brock. Katiah’s goal with his music is to be a positive influence on the world and make people smile. 

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