Toddler girl has been in ballet on and off for a little over a year.  We started at a school in Yokohama, but the school made some changes and a number of the foreign students were asked to leave.  The classes were taught in Japanese and for some 3 year olds, it may have been a bit overwhelming.  Toddler girl enjoyed it, but she is a free spirit and just wanted to dance.  Especially when the teacher was working one-on-one with another student. Toddler girl, did not want to just sit there, she wanted to dance across the studio.  We were told that she would be put in another class, which was being started for the younger kids. Fast forward, toddler girl is now 3 and has started back at ballet, but not with the same school. She is now taking ballet on a military base, Ikego Housing in Zushi to be exact.  So far, so good.  The class is small, with only three kids and the teacher is great and making sure the kids stay focus.

ballet 00

The problem arises, with needing new ballet shoes. At the school in Yokohama, the students were measured and the school ordered from a local ballet store.  I knew the name, but had not gone in search of it.  B thought it would be easy to just drive there, ha, so he thought.  I knew taking the train would be extra easy.   On Saturday morning, we head to look for the Chacott Ballet Store. We past our exit going and sometimes turning around on the toll road is not as easy, as it would be in the States to just get off at an exit, turn around and take the right exit.  So we spent hours driving in circles, trying to find the ballet store.  Then it was abort mission, we could not find it.  We decided to try the next day to start off again and make sure not to miss our exit.  So Sunday, we know we will find it this time. Well, you guessed we missed it again because navigation did not say which exit lane to take when the road spilt three different ways. But we turned around and took the right exit coming back and were on our way.  We found the area the ballet store was near.  But no luck at finding the store.  So it was heading back home again with no shoes.

The week was busy and I did not have time to get to Yokohama.  The following Saturday, we get on the train to head to Yokohama Station.  Once at Yokohama Station, we took the Central Exit and went through The Diamond shopping center.  I had a map from the store website on my phone, so when I saw a mall map, I stop to look at it to see which exit out the mall I needed. TO my surprise it was the one we were standing out.  Plus there was a big sign outside the door with an arrow point up that said Chacott.  We climb the stirs out of the shopping center and the store is right there once you reach the top.

The ladies inside the store were very helpful and the lady who assisted us was able to speak enough English to help us get the right size shoe.  We also brought a ballet bag.  Everything was reasonably price.  Shoes were 2500Yen and the bag was about 5800Y.  I will continue to use them until we move from Japan.

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Chacott Yokohama Store (there are a number of location throughout Japan)

Telephone: 045-311-0421

Address: Yokohama Nishikyodo Bldg. 1, 2F, 1-2-13, Kita-saiwai, Nishi-ku,

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0004

Hours: 1030-1900