Selling your home and moving can be a hectic and challenging time. Indeed, there are even many tasks that need to be done before you put your home on the market. Read on to find out what they are. 

Investigate the value of your home

First of all, before you put your home on the market you will want to find out whether it’s a good time to do so. Indeed, depending on the national and local property market it may be better to wait until you can ask for a higher selling price. 

Several tactics can be useful when you want to discover what your home is worth. The first is to visit the company website of your local real estate agent, as they will be the experts in how many properties are currently going for. Asking your neighbors and anyone else in your area can be useful too, and even contractors will have good insight into how different improvements may be able to maximize the value of your home.

Consider your moving plans

Next, even before you place your home on the market, it’s important to get a plan for when you move out. This is because many people think they will have months to sort this before their homes sell, but it could be bought at any time once it’s on the market. A situation that means you could find yourself in a panic and at a disadvantage when it comes to booking storage units and movers. 

Find alternative accommodation for your furry friends

While you love your dogs and cats and would never dream of living in a home without them, not everyone has the same opinion. Indeed, it is very likely that your realtor will ask you to rehome your pets for the duration when showing your home. 

Of course, this means you will need to find somewhere for them to go ahead of time, as you won’t want your other half to have to walk around with them in rain every time a potential buyer comes to call.

Options here include sending your pets to stay with family or even housing them in kennels for a while. Yes, this is a massive sacrifice for anyone with a beloved pet, but it will not only help your home stay cleaner but prevent any awkward questions about pet damage from coming up too. 

Arrange for a trusted family member to host the kids during showings

Last, of all, it is not just pets that can put off potential buyers, buy a house full of noisy kids as well. After all, an open house should create the most positive experience for the viewers possible, and they may not be able to concentrate or imagine their own lives in a home where there is lego all over the carpet!

With that in mind, ask a trusted relative to have the kids over for games and snacks while you host your open house. You could even pay for them to go to the play park or cinema. Then everyone will be happy and you will have the best chance of selling your property for the maximum amount.  

Bring in More Light

If you install a mirror on the wall, consider placing it on the opposite side of the window. When its bright and sunny outside, the sun will shine right into the bedroom and reflect off the mirror. The additional brightness may eliminate some of the dark shadows that may appear in different parts of the bedroom while naturally making the room look a lot brighter. Not only does a mirror bring in more light, it’s great to have inside of your bedroom because you make want to check your hair, makeup, or overall look before you go out somewhere.

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