You can feel the fire coming from Bejing on The Bejing EP.  She brings this spoken word vibe to her music, it’s a vibe where you feel the energy she is projecting out.

The Bejing EP

The first song ” Window” is all about the vocals. The beat is perfect, it doesn’t overpower Bejing’s voice. Her voice has this energy, you can feel the emotions she is projecting in the song. The next song on the EP says, “Stop breaking my heart because my heart isn’t hollow”. “Heartbreaker” is about loving someone – emotions, the ups and downs, the heartache. “Stop breaking my heart, because my heart isn’t hollow”. 

The way this music flows and vibe of this EP is great. Bejing has her own unique style. When you make it to “Air Forces” you start to hear that you will get something fresh from her on each track. Each song on The Bejing EP tells it’s own story.

The beat to “Midnight Blue” seems so familiar. It starts with piano playing –  you all know, I love a song with a piano in it. Her delivery of the lyrics is magical.  “Waterfall” has a vibe. A good vibe. It has this pop beat, but her energy flows through just like a waterfall. You truly feel the passion for music that Bejing has through this song – through each song on the EP.

My favorite track on The Bejing EP is “Window”. This is an EP that I’m going to have on repeat!! Make sure to check Bejing out on her social media.

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The Bejing EPBejing is from Cleveland, Ohio.








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