In Indian families, it is a tradition to feed the little babies in silver utensils (affiliate link).  When first solid food is fed to babies, parents start using silver vessels for them.

Apart from the traditional importance, Silver is the well-known antibiotic for the humankind. With numerous health benefits, silver utensils are the best to use for babies.

Is it healthier to use silver cutlery for my baby?

Yes, eating with silver utensils is healthier due to many amazing qualities of the silver. Most of the metals are good for health and so is the silver!

But there are many specialties of silver which make the silverware important for the babies and kids. Here are some such reasons why you should start using silver utensils for babies –

Antibiotic and Anti-bacterial properties

Benefits of using silver utensils for babyThe silver is best-known for its anti-bacterial behavior. It has many benefits as it kills the bacteria, fungi, and algae to make the food healthier. Silver itself is cent-per-cent bacteria free. Hence it is advisable to feed the babies in silverware.

The bacteria and parasites may be immune to fight other elements but this is not the case with silver. A process “Lysis”, which breaks down the cells and ultimately kills the bacteria, is carried out by the nanoparticles of silver ions.

Some of the countries in the world make bandages out of silver due to its bacteria-fighting tendency.

Water purification

In ancient time, the silver pots were used by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romanians to keep the water cold and pure. Silverware for Babies and Kids, along with the adults is good to use for drinking water and other liquids.

Water purification is another important task of silver particles. It acts as a powerful sanitizer of water. Silver plates are used in many purifiers nowadays. So, it is a good idea using silver utensils for babies while serving water and other drinks.


The cutlery, made of silver, can be used forever. It may seem expensive while you are purchasing but it is actually cheap if you look at it in the long run.

Washing the silver vessels is also easy. The sterilizing or cleaning the utensils with boiled water is not necessary as the silver is bacteria-free itself.

Non-toxicant and Coolant Nature

Benefits of using silver utensils for babyUnlike other heavy metal, silver cannot be easily oxidized to its toxic form. The silver particles react with toxins and change its color. Due to this property, it was used to check if the food is poisonous.

The added advantage of the silver is- it lowers the body temperature. So, it is very helpful in keeping the baby away from the heat strokes. This is the cause why the ornaments like chains and anklets are also made of silver.


It is known that when the hot food is served in a metal cutlery, it will absorb the melted and infused particle of that metal. As silver is anti-bacterial metal, its intake will raise the immunity in the children. You will find silver extracts in some of immunity building natural herbal supplements also.

Can we drink milk in silver glass?

There are many people, who use to drink in silver glasses. It is believed that doing so is good for increasing stamina and strength.

You should use the Silverware for Babies and Kids as it filters the liquid easily. At some cultures, silver coins are put in the milk overnight to remove the impurities. It is the best material, not highly reactive as other metals and also, not leachable like the plastics. So, if you will drink milk in the silver glass, it will not contaminate the milk.

Eating with silver utensils or drinking in them is excellent for babies and kids as it has many health benefits. It is good to buy the round-cornered silver cutlery so that it doesn’t hurt the young one. I hope your little child will enjoy eating in these beautiful as well as health-making utensils!

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