Festivals are becoming increasingly popular as we all look for a means of escaping everyday life, and we are seeking out music to transform and heal our busy minds! Music has been shown to affect our minds and wellbeing – but with that said, experienced festivalgoers will tell you to make sure you are well kitted out, otherwise, festivals can make for a pretty uncomfortable experience!

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Some Essentials to Consider:

  • Your festival ticket – seems an obvious one but some people DO forget!
  • ID, money, and cards
  • Reusable water bottle – reduce your waste, as there will be taps to fill up
  • Tent and camping equipment – sleeping bag, roll mat, torch
  • Consider wellies, particularly if you are heading to a UK event!!
  • Toilet roll, suntan lotion, toothbrush, and toothpaste
  • surf robe – a festival essential. This multipurpose space saver can be used as a warm jumper at night, drying towel after washing or getting wet and just something cozy to wrap yourself up in after a long festival day and night!
  • Change of clothes and a hat
  • Medical info (if you have any allergies or medical conditions) and any medication

We are well into the festival season now, so whether you are looking for a UK based music festival or wanting to venture to a European destination for a festival this year, we have listed just a few of the best out there for you to consider.


Creamfields - Creamfields has got to be considered the world's number one leading dance music festival.

22-25 August 2019; Daresbury, UK

Creamfields has got to be considered the world’s number one leading dance music festival. This massive, well-established event takes place in the UK on August bank holiday, and it has won many awards over the past few years including Best Dance Festival and Best Dance Event. 

Reading and Leeds

23-25 August 2019, Reading and Leeds, UK

Reading and Leeds are two festivals which take place simultaneously on the bank holiday weekend in August. Reading and Leeds have been going for many years and have become known for being the best festivals for rock, alternative and metal genres, but it really is an eclectic collection.

Boomtown Fair

Boomtown - Festivals to Visit Summer

 7-11 August 2019; Winchester, UK

Boomtown Fair celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year and can be found on the Matterley Estate in Hampshire, part of the South Downs National Park. Known for its theatrical nature, Boomtown aims to create a whole city of escapism for its audience, celebrating a real mixture of sounds including reggae, rock, urban and electronic sounds. 


7-13 August 2019; Budapest, Hungary 

Sziget festival is a huge celebration of music and culture. Spanning 7 days, this festival sees over 1000 acts over its course – including Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters and Florence and the Machine. Don’t worry if you can’t make the whole 7 days, as you can also buy 5-day, 3 day and single day passes too. Whichever ticket you go for, you will have an amazing time on the party island – Obudai Island near the city of Budapest.


Tomorrowland - Best Festivals to Visit This Summer

19-21 July & 26-28 July 2019; Boom, Belgium 

Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival which has been going since 2005. These days Tomorrowland is one of Europe’s leading dance festivals, and tickets are hard to come by due to its popularity. Spanning over two weekends, Tomorrowland is famous for bringing world-leading DJs to the stage and creating a massive celebration of electronic dance. 

Of course, there are many other festivals out there, and this is only a small selection we have brought to your attention. If you are in desperate need of some escapism and looking to lose yourself in some festival magic, there are so many huge events now to choose from that will create lifelong memories. Just remember to go prepared with all of your essentials to make sure you can really enjoy the experience.

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Best Festivals to Visit this Summer

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