Going on vacation as a family is great fun and enables you to make memories, but it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. As a parent, you’ll know that it’s not going to be the type of break you went on before you had kids. You still have your little one’s needs to consider when you’re away, and the thought of being far from home without your usual creature comforts and normal routine can leave you feeling a bit out of your depth. However, it’s well worth doing, and once you’ve been away together that first time you’ll have the confidence to go again and again. Here are some things to consider.


Flying with a baby, toddler or young child that’s never flown before can come with some challenges, and no doubt this is the first thing that springs to mind when you consider booking your first family holiday. But don’t let it put you off, many people find that their kids do much better than expected on a plane. Bring plenty of distractions- an iPad loaded with games and videos, small toys, coloring, and snacks all work well. In some cases, a night flight can work well as your child is likely to sleep through most of it.


Finding the right location to visit is key. While your budget will be the main deciding factor, you’ll want to think about things like how long the flight to each destination will be, how hot the weather is, and what sorts of family things there will be to do. If it’s your first family vacation, a shorter flight, and milder temperatures might be a good way to start.


Where will you stay on vacation? Again, while the budget will be a strong factor here, it’s so worth considering your options. A resort lifestyle is a great choice when you have a young family, as you have everything right on your doorstep. Pools, entertainment, food and drink, and your apartment will all be in close proximity. This can be easier than having to go and find restaurants and things to do as well as travel around. If you decide against a resort, it’s worth checking to make sure your hotel is family-friendly is it in a safe location and easily accessed with a pram? Are there places to eat and things to do that are relatively close by? These are things that will make your trip easier and run more smoothly. 


Lots of family-friendly holiday resorts and destinations will have activities for children, such as kid’s clubs, discos, games at the beach and in the pool, and other things to do. However, these are generally for kids age 5 and up so if yours are younger then they probably won’t be suitable. So think about how you will keep them entertained. Babies and toddlers can often be entertained for hours sitting on a beach with a bucket and spade and some sand toys which you can usually find in nearby shops. Consider things like armbands and floats to play with them in the pool. You might want to buy some inexpensive toys like a ball to kick around or check out local parks and playgrounds for things for your small child to do while you’re on the trip.

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