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How can you break the breakout cycle??? It that can be done with the help of Neutrogena.

I’m reviewing the Neutrogena Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser and the Acne Proofing Daily Scrub Cream. I skipped a few days of using my regular face wash and just used soap and water for cleaning my face. My skin type is normal to dry. Winter, my face can be a bit more on the dry side.

The acne proofing gel cleanser was the first out of the two products that I tried. The gel cleanser smells really good! For me, it did a good job of cleaning my face, leaving my skin feeling soft, clean, and did not leave my face dry after washing my face. I cannot forget to mention, it works amazingly on removing makeup. It easily removed my eye make, without having to scrub my face hard. It did better than the makeup remover I use. So, it definitely passes the makeup removal test.

The acne proofing daily scrub cream didn’t have a scent. It’s a scrub, but very creamy. I like the way it felt on my skin when washing my face.  It did not leave my face feeling dry after using.

Neither the gel cleanser or scrub cream irritated my face. I would definitely continue using both of products, rotating between the two.

About the Product

Break the Breakout Cycle with NeutrogenaNeutrogena® Acne Proofing™ Gel Cleanser: This face wash for acne-prone skin contains maximum strength salicylic acid acne treatment to clear breakouts and help defend against new ones. $8.49




Break the Breakout Cycle with NeutrogenaNeutrogena® Acne Proofing™ Daily Scrub: This daily scrub for acne-prone skin contains smoothing exfoliators and maximum strength salicylic acid acne treatment to help clear and prevent breakouts. $8.49



About the Brand

Break the Breakout Cycle with NeutrogenaNeutrogena, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, began its success story when, in 1930, founder Emanuel Stolaroff, started a small specialty cosmetic company called Natone. In the early years, Natone was a supplier to beauty salons usually associated with the glamour of the film industry. By the 1940’s Natone began manufacturing and distributing cosmetics for the retail market.

In 1954 on a business trip to Europe, Stolaroff heard of an unusual soap developed by Dr. Edmond Fromont, a Belgian cosmetic chemist. Fromont’s patented formula produced a mild, clear soap that rinsed quickly and easily from the skin leaving essentially no soap reside. Eleven minutes after washing with this unique soap, the skin was able to return to its normal pH – just one minute more than if it had been washed with only plain water!

Stolaroff believed there was a market for such a high-quality soap and arranged to import and distribute the Neutrogena brand product in the United States. Setting the course for future growth, he emphasized the transparency of the soap to clearly communicate its difference. In addition, he targeted sales to new distribution channels – department stores and better drug stores.

By 1962, Neutrogena soap was so synonymous with the company image that the company was officially changed to Neutrogena. Lloyd Cotsen, an Integral member of the Neutrogena family, became president of the company in 1967 and made another key decision that would profoundly influence the future of the company to promote the benefits of Neutrogena soap to the medical profession. The strong relationship between Neutrogena and dermatologists gave the company an exceptional competitive advantage.

As Neutrogena gained a unique acceptance by the medical profession, a new emphasis was directed toward marketing and research efforts to create a line of safe, mild, premium quality skincare products. In 1973, the company went public and by 1980, Neutrogena entered the haircare market.

Today, Neutrogena manufactures and markets a line of premium-priced skin and hair care products which are distributed in more than 70 countries.

Now, more than ever, today’s consumers equate health with beauty. Neutrogena stands naturally poised for tremendous future growth and an ever-increasing number of satisfied customers.







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Break the Breakout Cycle with Neutrogena - How can you break the breakout cycle??? It that can be done with the help of Neutrogena. I'm review the Neutrogena Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser and the Acne Proofing Daily Scrub Cream.













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