If you are not equipped with the right kind of instrument, then handling of cable can seem to be a hefty and challenging task. In such circumstances, incorporating the use of the perfect cable handling equipment will make your task a lot easier. There are some companies which sell this equipment to make your life easier. Once you know how to use this equipment efficiently, it will become extremely easy to complete the desired cable handling job. Let’s know more about this equipment. 

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Different Kids of Cable Handling Equipment

There are many different kinds of such equipment that can help to make your work easier:

1. Cable Drum Rotators: These are sturdy pieces of equipment which are extremely heavy. These are usually welded with sealed bearings and steel. This equipment comes with one adjustable and one fixed Diablo control with the help of which you can easily rotate your winch drum.

2. Conduit Rods: Conduit rods are a kind of cable handling equipment which helps to install winch ropes and draw ropes into ducts very easily. This makes them an ideal choice for the purpose of cable pulling. These rods are usually epoxy Tod’s that are enforced by glass-fiber. They also have a polyethylene coating on the outer side which gives them excellent adhesiveness. Owing to their great elasticity, they can easily be used for any duct installation.

3. Cable Stockings: These are also called cable grips or cable socks. This equipment has proved to be very helpful when it comes to finding the right kind of equipment for pulling or providing support to the cables. The cable grips are made up of steel wire which has high tensile strength and is thoroughly galvanized. However, in exceptional cases, when a stronger pull is required, cable stockings which are made up of stainless steel can be used.

4. Cable Drum Jacks: They are indispensable cable handling equipment that can help you to keep your cable tidy. They are versatile and extremely lightweight. They incorporate the use of a smart indispensable mechanism. The jacks of the cable drum are adjustable so that they can accommodate an extreme range of the cable drums. Wheels may also be fitted so that the piece of machinery can be moved quickly without much effort.

5. Subduct Pulling Eyes: They are also called carrots. Although their mechanism is a little complex, they can make your work easy by manifold times.

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Advantages of Using Cable Handling Equipment

Some of the benefits of using this equipment are as follows:

1. Reduces The Handling Time: These kinds of equipment help to slash down the time which is taken by the operators for cable handling. There will be a notable increase in productivity. If you want to manage your task with utmost efficiency, you can use a specialized equipment.

2. They Are Less Costly and Easy to Maintain: They have very few components which makes them less expensive equipments. The equipment is as simple as two steel cables on either side of a belt which help to move the products from one place to another.

3. Helps To Save Space: If you incorporate the use of these machines and instruments at your workplace, this will help to save the floor space. You will be able to use your entire workplace thoroughly without it getting congested.


In this fast pacing world, people are coming up with newer ideas which will help to make their work easier. Similarly, a cable handling equipment is just another such instrument which was designed keeping in mind the needs of the people. This not only helps to save time but also eliminates the need for excessive labour.

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