I have seen on a social media forum and also a few times asked on the Calvert Education Facebook page about Advisory Teaching Service (ATS).  Is it worth it? Should I do it? What’s your experience? I knew from the start of our kindergarten year I would enroll in ATS. So here is my opinion on the service.

Calvert Education - ATS Review | Review of Calvert Education's Advisory Teaching Service (ATS). Is it worth it? Here's what I thought...

We made it past Lesson 20; this is the lesson you have to reach to submit certain workbook pages, test, and the progress report to your child’s advisory teacher.  I was very excited to mail in our first set of lessons. We finish our lesson early in the day and by afternoon I was at the post office. That’s how excited I was about it.  When you enroll in ATS, you will receive the envelope to send in your child’s work.  The process report to fill out can be found at the end of the lesson manual. Once you reach Lesson 20, you mail in everything and an Advisory Teacher will be assigned to you.  The Advisory Teacher (AT) will send back a progress of everything you sent in and will send you more envelopes to send the future lessons in.

Students enrolled in the Calvert Advisory Teaching Service (ATS) are assigned an Advisory Teacher who provides evaluations of your child’s work in all subjects, including detailed feedback on composition, mechanics, and processing skills. Students receive a personal letter with each set of corrected tests providing additional motivation and support.” Retrieved from Calvert Education Website

Toddler girl’s AT is a very lovely lady.  We have may only have submitted Lesson 20’s assignments, but we are pleased thus far. She sent back her remarks on the things we sent in.  Toddler girl was very happy to see her work graded, with smiling faces and stars.

Is it worth it?

Yes. I think it is worth it for our family to have to ATS. It gives back additional feedback, not only helpful for the student but for me as the parent.

Am I glad I enrolled?


Will I enroll in ATS again?

Yes. I plan to enroll in the service again for first grade.

Update (July 2018): I’ve continued to enroll each school year. We are going into 4th grade this school year.

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