Is it your first time to be a parent, and you have the same dilemma like any other newbie parent?

Do you want to welcome your baby with a full-on preparation?

Are you hoping that nothing goes wrong and you won’t miss anything important before your little one arrives?

For all the first time Mom’s to be, or even for the Dad’s, this is a frequently asked question.

So here is a checklist to help ease those worries, and welcome your baby, WITH A BANG!

Let’s start with the big stuff.

For all the first time Mom’s to be, or even for the Dad’s, this is a frequently asked question. So here is a checklist to help ease those worries... Checklist before baby comes

Baby Carrier

As you travel with a newborn, it is not only practical to have a carrier to put your baby in when you already feel tired. But it is also good for your baby’s fragile body. Imagine yourself, being carried all the time; you would feel tiresome. If you have a car, we recommend a baby carrier/baby car seat.

Changing bag

For your newborn baby who feeds every two hours, who needs to change his or her diaper now and then, you would definitely need a lot of stuff to bring around with you. Choose a spacious, yet light bag for you to put in what your baby needs. Make sure that you buy a bag that will last for a few years because you will be carrying this around as long as you have a toddler.

Changing Pad on a Diaper Station

In your nursery, it is not hygienic to change your baby in the crib even if you have a portable changing pad. Pick a spot in your nursery to set up a diaper station where you can put all the necessities for changing and cleaning up your baby. Wash your changing pads regularly so as to avoid your baby suffering from rashes any other skin reactions.

Diaper Pail

Talking mostly about changing and cleaning up your baby, you would need a good trash bin to secure the waste that smells. And of course, we don’t want a nursery that would have a bad odor. A diaper pail would surely solve this problem of yours. Yes, it can be pricey, but it is worth it since your child will use a diaper for a couple of years. And also for your next babies. So it isn’t a waste of budget to invest in such product.

Baby Gate

As your infant grows into a toddler, you wouldn’t want them to stay in the crib for long. You would want them to enjoy their surroundings. To ensure your child, even if you’re a few feet away from them, a baby gate would be a lot of help. It would also entail you to leave your child safely for a few minutes to do some household chores. It is a bit pricey as well, but again, it is worth to invest in the safety of your child.

These are only some of the few things that you would need as you welcome your baby into this world. There are still more to think about your baby needs. Don’t hesitate in investing for your kid. We as parents, we would only want what is best for our child.

If you have more concerns that keep on coming up, feel free to comment and ask us questions. We would gladly help you on your upcoming new journey.

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