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A perfect and well-fitted dress can enhance the personality of the person. Hence it becomes important that you must choose the right kind of dress. While you are planning to buy an evening dress for plus size women, then choosing the right size of the dress becomes even more important. Most of the options in stores make you look bigger or accentuate all the wrong curves. You need a dress that does not look like a sack and here are 5 tips to help you choose the perfect evening gown.

So, if you are planning to buy plus size evening dresses online, here are certain parameters that you must take into account:

1. The Right Cut

You must choose the dress based on your body type. This becomes important if you have a voluptuous figure; in this scenario, you must choose a dress that accentuates, your figure and makes it look slimmer. There are different body types like a triangular body (bigger upper body, smaller lower body) or a pear-shaped body (smaller upper body, bigger lower body)?

If you know your body type, selecting perfect plus size evening dresses should not pose a big problem. Because then you will know how to accentuate the curves you want to be accentuated and hide the ones you want to hide. 

There are 3 kinds of dresses for the body types mentioned above; an A-line, straight and empire.

A-line dresses are perfect for curvy women because it is tight around the bust area and gently flares as it flows down. This cut hugs your body in all the right spots giving you all the curves that you want to showcase.

A straight dress is perfect for triangular shaped body type because it flows straight from your shoulder right to the hemline. A straight dress will, however, make a curvy woman look bigger and is not the right choice for her at all.

Empire dresses are perfect for pear shapes bodies. The waistline starts right below the breasts, and it accentuates both the upper as well as the lower body. Empire dresses can look well on triangular shapes bodies as well.

2. Select the Right Color

Another factor that you need to take into account is the color of the dress. You must choose a color which will camouflage well on your body and makes you look slimmer, darker shades like blues and blacks are the best choices when it comes to plus size evening dresses. These colors bring out the best effects in every way possible. Dark solid colors always make you look a degree higher and when you add the accessories, your look is perfect. Jewelry always looks better on darker colors.

3. Discard Large Prints

If you are looking for plus size evening dresses, then avoid the large prints. These prints don’t complement the plus size figure and hence, you must avoid such printsIf you want patterns, then you can opt for smaller ones to break the monotony of the solid colors. Maybe little patterns around the hemline or some embroidery on the chest area to bring in a fun vibe. The correct and right-sized patterns on plus size evening dresses can make you look perfect.

4. Stripes

Another key pattern that you can opt for while choosing the plus size evening dresses is to select the stripes. These are trending nowadays and you must choose the option of vertical stripes. These gives a slimmer appearance.

5. You Need a Strong Foundation

Building a strong foundation is extremely important, to say the least. You need the perfect undergarment to go with your beautiful dress otherwise you will be left with annoying, peaking bra straps or weird bulges. Plus-sized undergarments are not very easy to get so it is advisable to consult experts to get the perfect undergarment for your body type. When you wear the perfect undergarments, you feel comfortable, strong and confident and it also gives your dress a smooth look. Don’t forget to slip into shapewear before wearing your plus size evening dresses.

6. You Need to Stop Thinking About the Size

One of the key factors that you need to take into consideration is that you should be confident in what you are wearing. You need to focus on yourself rather than your figure to make yourself look confident and beautiful.

Being plus size is not something you need to think about constantly. It is all about how you see yourself. All you need to keep in mind is that you need some extra fabric to cover yourself and that is absolutely all right. Choosing the right plus size evening dresses build up your confidence and also makes you look beautiful. But don’t rush after the fashion trends, instead focus on your comfort first and you can pull off the best look.

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