What was I thinking?? Our driver pointed at a place to go for a cobra show. Yes, please. Tomorrow, let’s go to the cobra show. Here is an experience at a cobra show in Thailand.

Siam Cobra Show, Phuket, Thailand, cobras, snakes

We arrive at the Siam Cobra Show, we buy admission tickets for the three of us.  The lady then walks us toward a sign that says Siam Cobra Show and tells us we can take a picture. As we hand one lady our camera, another lady is getting a REAL LIVE snake out for us to take a picture with. Wait, what! Oh, no I’m not touching no snake.  B, being the braver than I said no, problem I’ll take the head end of the snake.  Will the lady puts the snake around both our necks.  Head near B and tail near me.  This snake is moving around and his head is moving towards B’s back, licking at my hand.  All the while, it has a grip on my shoulder. Toddler girl, well she was not touching the snake.  But if you ask her if she was scare of the snake, she will tell you no that she was just cold. We are in Thailand, it’s HOT!! But she is sticking to the story that she is cold.  After the pictures with the snake  the lady walks us along this path with more snakes inside cages. Not just little snakes, big snakes, pythons and cobras. Yes, this was my idea!

python, thailand, phuket, cobra show

All smilies in this picture with a python


snake, python, phuket, thailand

How we really felt! Toddler girl and I kept an eye on that snake. B was not liking that the snake was trying to go around his back. FYI – toddler girl said she was cold.

We make our way around the stage area where someone will play with the snakes.  B wanted to sit near the edge of the benches, just in case we need to run. One of the guys is MCing the show, while the other guy takes the snakes out.  He does a number of things with the snakes, even kisses a cobra.  It was a good show.  It was not  on my list of things to do, but it was an interesting adventure in Thailand.

snakes, Thailand, Phuket, cobras

Siam Cobra Show, Phuket, Thailand, snakes

Siam Cobra Show, Phuket, Thailand, snakes

Hello Mr Cobra!

Siam Cobra Show, Phuket, Thailand, snakes

Three cobra’s

Siam Cobra Show, Phuket, Thailand, snakes

King Cobra

Siam Cobra Show, Phuket, Thailand, snakes

How about a kiss?

Siam Cobra Show, Phuket, Thailand, snakes

Kissing cobra. Sorry, it’s a bit blurry.

I’ll also be posting a short video on YouTube. We also fed an elephant after we left the cobra show, but toddler girl did not want to feed or ride the elephant.