Your house is a sanctuary, so it can be quite disturbing to notice unpleasant smells since these can make you feel less at home. No one wants a smelly home, and a OnePoll survey on behalf of Scentsy reveals that 61% of Americans won’t invite guests if they think their house smells bad. Therefore, it is essential to identify some of the common reasons why your home may smell awful and address these factors to make it a true sanctuary. Here are some of the most common reasons that may explain that weird smell in your living space.

1. Electrical Problems

A fishy smell throughout your house could be due to overheating or burning electrical components. Therefore, frayed wires are the likely culprits than errant salmons if you smell fish in your home. Various electrical problems contribute to this fishy odor, including overloaded circuits, loose cords, and overheated electrical shielding. A fishy smell from electrical problems isn’t one you should attempt to mask with the sweetest-smelling essential oils since electrical issues are one of the most common causes of house fires. Consequently, contact a local electrician to remain safe if you notice these odors.

2. Problematic Drywall

Your nose may suffer the long-term consequences of construction professionals cutting corners when building your home. Problematic drywall is one of the most common issues that arise when builders skimp on the building process. Like gas leaks, the low-quality drywall builders install gives off an offensive sulfur smell like rotten eggs. Tarnished silver jewelry, untimely HVAC system failure, and black residue around copper wires are tell-tale signs of problematic drywall. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission lists many other signs that can help you zero in on this problem. The only way to handle problematic drywall is to call a local repair pro to conduct assessments instead of tearing it down yourself. This expert will likely recommend replacing it and will conduct this task safely and professionally.

3. Trash Can

The trash can seems like the first thing anyone should get rid of to improve their home’s smell. However, just under 50% of respondents in a March 2017 survey of Americans revealed that they took out their trash several times a week. Consequently, you may not have to look further than your trash can to identify why your home smells bad. Little crumbs and spills can accumulate over time and lead to pungent odors. Therefore, empty your trash can frequently (preferably daily) and clean it with diluted bleach and water to remove any residue.

4. Pests

Various pests can introduce strong odors into your home and make breathing unpleasant. For example, cockroaches are among the smelliest and nastiest animals in the pest community. You may notice a strange and pungent “oily” smell that may strike you as musty if these insects have infested your living space. Cockroach feces also has a disgusting smell, not to mention the acidic stench they give off during decomposition. Bed bugs also give off a musty scent, while rat urine will make your entire house smell like ammonia. Mice also have a urine smell, but this odor is mustier than rats’. Smells from pests are known to linger, so effective pest control is the best way to get rid of them.

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