Few of us can get away with not using a car these days. Yet, owning and running a vehicle can be so expensive! Fortunately, there are some, simple common sense, ways to reduce the amount of money you pay to operate your vehicle each month. Just keep reading to find out what they are. 

DIY as much maintenance as you can

First of all, by educating yourself on how your car works and how to fix it you can save plenty of money. The good news is that there is plenty of help out there, even for beginners as you can learn to do all the basic maintenance car tasks like changing the oil, replacing tires, and checking your brakes by watching videos on Youtube. 

Also, taking the time to keep your vehicle clean and tidy is a good idea as well. This is because it makes it easier to see if there is a problem that needs fixing, as well as inspires a sense of pride which can help us to drive safer and take better care of our vehicles overall. 

However, just because you are doing as much DIY maintenance as you can, this doesn’t mean that you should skip things like getting your vehicle serviced by a professional or getting small faults like your windscreen fixed. Indeed, by getting regular services you can ensure your car is both safe, and running correctly, both of which can save you a great deal of money in the long run. 

Invest in a new car 

Another smart way to reduce the overall cost of owning and running a vehicle is to invest in a brand new, or newer model like the ones Edmunds have for sale. Now, many people get confused over this and naturally assume that because a newer car’s ticket price will be higher, it will stop them from saving money. 

However, the truth is quite different, as maintenance costs on newer vehicles tend to be much lower. Then there is the warranty that will cover most work if something does go wrong. Last, of all, newer vehicles stand to be more energy-efficient, with some even running on electricity instead of gas. Thereby saving you plenty of money when you view the cost holistically. 

Avoid expensive parking mistakes

Finally, if you want to save money when running your vehicle, you will need to make sensible decisions when parking. This means always parking on your drive instead of the road outside of your home. This is important for two reasons, the first being that theft and damage are more likely to happen to cars parked on the road. While the second is that this increased chance of risk means that you can be charged more to insure a vehicle that is regularly road-parked.  

Additionally, do not forget that you can save money by purchasing parking permits that cover a month or year, rather than paying out each time. You can even save money by making sure that you never park illegally as the costs involved in fines and having to get your car released from the impound can be huge! 

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