Happy April’s Fool Day! I did not play a joke on anyone, so no funny story to tell.  Today I started my Life of Creed Photo Challenge.  My goal is to take a photo everyday and write a blog post about the photo.   I took a bunch of photo today, but this one, was one of my favorites.  It’s simple and showcases the beauty of Japan. Here is my Day 1 photo.

April Photo Challenge Day 1 00

Toddler girl and I started off my heading on the train to Kita-Kamakura.  There was a shrine only a few feet away from the train station that we wanted to explore.  Since the rain on Saturday, the cherry blossoms have started to bloom.  The grounds were beautiful and people were out everyone enjoying the warm weather. After walking the grounds, we headed back to the station to go to Kamakura.  The main street from the Kamakura station is lined with cherry blossoms. They were in bloom, but not fully bloom.  We walked up to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, but did not walk the grounds here.  We brought lunch and sit out by one of the ponds and had lunch.  Everyone had the same idea, as many people were enjoying lunch by the pond and the view of the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms, Kamakura Japan,

Our view at lunch.

Once we were done with lunch we walked back to the train station to head back home.  I made one stop at the Yukinoshita Catholic Church to check it out.  I stopped by the gift shop and brought a couple religious items.  Not sure if mass is done in English, but I will research that and try to start going to mass there.

Yukinoshita Catholic Church, Kamakura Japan

Inside Yukinoshita Catholic Church

Once back in Zushi, we went to the grocery store brought a few things for dinner and headed home. Toddler girl LOVES the cherry blossoms and enjoyed taking pictures with her camera.  Hopefully, this weekend is nice and we can take B to check out the cherry trees.