B is off today, so for lunch we went to one of our favorite yakiniku places in Yokosuka.  I’ll jump right to my photo of day, and then share more about the yakiniku restaurant.  After a lovely lunch we all ordered dessert.  We all usually just order the mini softcream cone, but I decided to go with melon sherbet.  I was expecting a bowl with a scoop or two of sherbet. Nope! A bowl with a honeydew melon rind with melon sherbet molded into a slice.  It was the BEST sherbet I have eaten a long time. Here is my Day 5 photo.

melon sherbet

Day 5 Photo – Melon sherbet

The yakiniku restaurant name Karubi-Ya is located at the Bayside Village Yokosuka, not far from Yokosuka Naval Base. Yakiniku is Japanese grilled BBQ, it is also known as Korean BBQ.  You grilled bite-size meat, vegetables over a small gas grill at your table. Don’t worry you are not sitting in a cloud of smoke.  B and toddler girl usually order a few different styles of beef for meat choices, rice, corn, and salad.  I order chicken (kokisan-tori-momo), pork (kokusan-buta-karubi), corn, rice, and a tomato salad.  You order using an electronic menu, look an industrial style iPad. It also has English, which makes it very easy to use.

Getting there is very easy and only minutes away from Yokosuka Naval Base.  Just drive south along seaside road.  You will have to make a right turn just before the restaurant and then left, and the quick left into the parking lot.  The entrance is on 134, but you will exit out on the other side of the parking lot on seaside road. You will see a total of four restaurants in the Bayside Village Yokosuka parking lot.  Karubi-Ya, Family Garden, Negiri-ici (sushi go-round), and Kani Koura (a crab restaurant).