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Geodes and crystals have become a popular interior design element that can be both casual and elegant. These versatile pieces are unique and offer the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind creative display. 

When decorating with geodes and crystals, it can be challenging to decide what to do. Here are five of the best home decorating tips for using these incredible stones in your decor.

Functional Handles

One of the most innovative ways to use geodes or crystals in your decor is to replace handles throughout your home with these stones. Geodes, in particular, make a gorgeous doorknob, especially in a colonial or Victorian-inspired home. Stones like Tigers Eye look incredible with the black kitchen trend as fixtures for drawers and cupboards. You can check out FossilEra to buy these in bulk.

One of the most common ways people choose to display their crystals is on an artfully-arranged tray. Whether the tray is dedicated to displaying crystals and candles or a functional tray for serving, the crystals bring it all together. Enhance the look by embellishing the handles of the tray with agate for a stunning display your guests will love.

Stunning Bookends

Creating a display shelf solely dedicated to your crystal and geode collection is one way to decorate with these beautiful stones. However, making them a practical part of your decor will bring the room together and add purpose to the display.

Large, similarly-sized geodes or crystals make fantastic bookends. If you’re an avid reader with shelves upon shelves of books on display, you can use the larger stones to hold everything together. Enhance the look by adding smaller stones in random parts of the bookshelf to combine functionality and feng shui. This look is really impactful if you have older copies of the classics.

A Captivating Mirror

Mirrors and crystals have a common purpose when used in decor: they look great, and they reflect light. In doing so, they can make a small, dark room appear significantly larger. Bring both of these pieces together by creating a crystal mirror display.

Use a flat round or square mirror as the base of your display. You can put this anywhere: a nightstand, an end table, the coffee table, etc. Arrange your crystals on top of the mirror for a reflective display that allows you to enjoy the different angles of the stones.

Alternatively, using smaller stones, you can create a mirror frame for your wall. Adhere the stones around the mirror and hang it on the wall where it will catch the light. If you have a large, flat piece of agate, you can adhere to a frameless mirror to it for a unique twist on a frame.

Crystal and Geode Zen Garden

Miniature zen gardens and Buddha boards have long been a decor item that invokes a sense of calm and peace in a room. Adding crystals and geodes will enhance this functional decor piece. 

Get a small tray or bowl that fits your overall design scheme. Add a small bowl in the corner that will hold your stones and geodes. Arrange the stones differently every day and invite guests to do the same. You can also add sand to the tray to make the appearance of the crystals and geodes pop.

Standalone Design Elements

Sometimes in home decor, the most straightforward approach is the best. Rather than having your crystals and geodes play into a larger design piece, showcase them as standalone design elements without the extra fanfare or fluff.

Choose a flat surface, such as an end table, and arrange your crystals and geodes as you like. This look is great for larger pieces, especially those adhered to a display stand or with a flat bottom. A large white quartz can look stunning as a standalone piece, as does a sizeable geode.

Get creative when decorating with crystals. These bohemian yet sophisticated decor pieces are versatile and unique; no two pieces look exactly the same.

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