**I received this product to review in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Ok, lets take about sleep.  Do you sensitive skin or a skin condition? The sheet set we put on our beds can make a big difference with getting a goods night rest. We all need sleep, even if some of us get more than others. I know for me, I tend to get less sleep than most. That’s where DermaTherapy comes to save the night!

DermaTherapy Review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

What did I receive?

One king size bed-sheet set.

What did I think about the product?

When I received the sheet set, I washed them as per the instructions the same day I received them.  I really like this sheet set. It was nice against the skin, unlike the cotton bed sheets. I tend to also toss and turn before bed; it fills like there is something on the sheets when there is nothing there.  With the DermaTherapy bed sheets I did not toss and turn.

B and the Princess however, had a different opinion about bed sheets.  For them they thought they made the bed cold.  I always sleep with an extra blanket on the bed, so for me they did not feel cold.

DermaTherapy Review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

The fitted bed sheet fit very well on our mattress.

DermaTherapy Review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

The sheets feel and look nice right out of the dryer.

DermaTherapy Review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

About DermaTherapy

DermaTherapy® is the only line of bedding created specifically for individuals who suffer from skin conditions. DermaTherapy® sheets are comprised of uniquely structured fibers to effectively wick moisture away from the surface of the sheet. This new development in fabric science results in a cleaner, drier and smoother sleeping surface. And for those who suffer from skin conditions — the difference is truly remarkable.

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