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Among the best things that India offers are its geological variation and climate conditions. From the snow cast cliffs to lush green plateaus and from deserted hills to pristine rivers, lakes, and lagoons. Only a few countries are blessed with such diversification. Apart from these places being landscapes only, they are turning out to be amazing places for the adventure seekers. 

Though it took time to foothold, nowadays it has become a home to get hands-on chilled out experiences as an adventure destination. 

For all those with an adrenaline rush, here are the best adventure destinations enlisted for adventure lovers. 

1. Leh

Like a crown of India, this place is situated at the tip of India in Jammu and Kashmir. Known for its unparalleled beauty, it offers you enthralling experiences in the awe-inspiring beauty of remote landscapes. The mountains of Leh are holy grails for bike trails which no other route offers as much. 

Trekking and rafting are also offered by the Zanskar River near Leh. The water freezes snow covers it. This is called Chadar during January and February which is bound to take your breath away. Whereas in the summers this trek turns into a gushing river and river rafting can be enjoyed. 

2. Manali

This place is a delight for nature lovers as well as adventure freaks. This place is like a pilgrimage for serious vacation goals. It offers several trails enduring pine forests and an incredible view of Himalayan ranges. It boasts an adventure getaway with several trekking locations such as Rohtang pass, Hampta pass trek, Jogini waterfalls, and Brighu lake trek for exceptional trekking experiences. Paragliding in Solang Valley, rafting over the stretches of Beas River and mountaineering in peaks of Kullu Valley. However, during the winters the opportunity for skiing in a variety of is also available in Rohtang pass and Solang Nallah. 

3. Madhya Pradesh

Being the center state of the country, it has a mix of devotion, relaxation and adventure activities. It is also known as the ‘heart of India’. Apart from innumerable temples, forts, palaces, and other monuments, the place offers its distinct adventure activities too. River rafting in turbulent river Orchha, trekking in the range of Satpura and other water sports in Bargi dam. buy effexor online https://salempregnancy.org/wp-content/languages/new/buynoprescription/effexor-no-prescription.html no prescription

Apart from this, altitude lovers can make fullest of their time while enjoying zipping over Kerwa dam, car cable ride over the marble rocks, and challenging rock climbing at Panchmarhi. One should also go for the breath-taking experience of encountering the king of the jungle in his own kingdom at Kanha National Park. This wildlife safari is ranked amongst the top famous places for tourists.

4. Meghalaya

This place has a lot more than lush green landscapes and scenic beauty. The best and once in the lifetime adventure in Meghalaya is caving. The hill stretches in this region are deepest and longest of South Asia. 

Each year caving experts from around the world visit this place to find new caves and map them. 

Other than this, one can indulge in splashing water sports activities for different styles of boating created in the reservoir at Umiam. If you haven’t played any game yet, one must visit the golf club. It the third oldest golf course in India. It is remarkable for its construction while preserving natural beauty. buy elavil online https://salempregnancy.org/wp-content/languages/new/buynoprescription/elavil-no-prescription.html no prescription

5. Goa

When it comes to vacationing Goa is top on the list for all. Whether you want to beat the scorching heat of summer or chills of winter, this place never disappoints. It offers everything that has been missing from routine life. 

Though it is famous for parties and beaches, it has a lot more adventure worth indulging other than water sports. In the opulent abode of nature and fun trekking, hiking and camping have their own excitement. When done touring the coastal beauty, embark yourself on hot air ballooning in the morning. Also, for an exceptional thrill, there are ATV bike rides on Goan terrains. 

6. Kerala

The alluring beauty of the Western Ghats with bluish-green water of the Arabian Sea is captivating. These natural settings with a variety of flora and fauna are not just sightseeing but a perfect setting for all adventure lovers.  

While the visit to Kerala one must surely try their guts for mountain climbing which is no easy. One must also try kayaking and canoeing. However, rafting activity is a cultural mix. The river rafting is done on the bamboo. Also, if any of the farmers allow you one must try their treadmills in paddy fields for irrigation. It is one of its kind experiences to have. buy lexapro online https://salempregnancy.org/wp-content/languages/new/buynoprescription/lexapro-no-prescription.html no prescription

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